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Building a happier, healthier, more joy filled life.

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"I consider Jon as one of my good friends and is very genuine. Even if we don't align with how I am thinking or feeling, Jon is honest and forces me to look inwards or look at it from a different perspective. Having a person be honest with me, even if I am out of line or acting crazy or whatever, it is important to me"


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Take back control of your future.

Would you like to live a happier, healthier, and live a more joy-filled life?

Don't waste another day wishing for it. Lets work together to make it happen today with proven actionable steps that will empower you to take back control, and take back your happiness.


A Hike in The Woods

How to make change work for you

A Hike in The Woods is about small wins, it's about understanding how to find yourself in the sea of other people. Other people trying to tell you how to live, what to wear, what to eat, how to act, what to post on social media, what's cool, and what's not cool. We all try to make this life the best of it as we can. The problem with that is that we’ve been getting the wrong information.

No two lives are the same, what worked for one person might not work for you. So, instead of trying to bull your way through your life, let life be like a river, and flow with it.

After immersing yourself in this rich story, you will begin to pick apart your life, your decisions, and begin to understand your motivations that brought you to this point in your life. Nothing is by accident; however, you have a better chance of having life go the way you want it to, when you become proactive.

Then, before you know it you might begin to identify areas of change in your life, and get out in front of that change, and become the change maker! A force to be reckoned with.

Come join me on this hike, your future is waiting for you.



Life is a full body experience. Meaning every aspect of your life will need to be in tune for you to hear the sweet symphony that is you. We will be getting into 7 dimensions of your life to help round it out and give you the tools for a 360-degree approach towards creating a long-lasting lifestyle, that you can be proud of and happy with.

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It all starts with the ground work. Find out where you are, to be able to make the best decision on where you want to go.



It took a lot of learning to get here. Being the youngest of three boy’s, and having a sister coming after me. Life was a constant competition not only for attention but also respect. 

"You learn from an early age what you need to do to get that attention, but also what you need to do to get respect. Those do not always go hand in hand."

Not only was I competing for attention but I was also trying to find my place in this world.


Where did I fit?