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It took a lot of learning to get here. Being the youngest of three boy’s, and having a sister coming after me. Life was a constant competition not only for attention but also respect. 

"You learn from an early age what you need to do to get that attention, but also what you need to do to get respect. Those do not always go hand in hand."


Not only was I competing for attention but I was also trying to find my place in this world.


Where did I fit?

Where did I belong?

Who am I?


I grew up in a hard-working, Christian household. Where athletics came easy to me and school did not. I was a middle of the road student because I’d rather be playing football or basketball or track. Really anything that got me out of the classroom. I wasn’t the most talented, but what I lacked in talent I made up for in work ethic. In high school is where I really learned the value of putting in work versus doing just enough to get by.

I used my leadership, athletics, work ethic, and my own little flavor to excel in the Marine Corps right out of boot camp. Although being in the Marines came easy, I was still trying to find myself as a person. Even though I liked and enjoyed the Marine Corps, it wasn’t for me. I felt like there was more out there for me. That I was wasting my potential in the Corps.

"Although being in the Marines was easy, I was still trying to find myself as a person."

I left the Marines after only one enlistment. Headed back home for college and work. The only thing I knew I wanted to do was get a degree in management but had no clue what I would do with it.

It wasn’t until I was approached by an ex-girlfriend’s mom, that I started my journey towards what I truly wanted to do with my life.

I was young and loved the idea of being my own boss, I mean who wouldn’t love that? In 2007 is when I started my own network marketing business. I was so excited thinking of all the money I will make, and all the fancy things I will buy. Man I was going to really impress the ladies.


I impressed one lady enough to be able to start building a life with. We were at the starts of it all but felt like we had everything. We were engaged, we were expecting a child, the world seemed to be at our fingertips. Until it all got ripped away. It only took one tug at the cord and the whole thing came tumbling down.

That tug came in the form of a miscarriage, more specifically called amniotic band syndrome, where we were told the amniotic sac wrapped up the fetus like duck-tape, and there was no chance for survival. After that everything fell apart. Communication stopped, and we drifted apart. Ending our engagement and moving on from each other.

Fast forward a couple years. The network marketing business didn’t pan out for me. I went in with the wrong ideals and values, and my reason why I wanted this business to work didn’t line up with my core values and beliefs. So, I ended it before I stuck any more money into it. That business turned out to be the best teacher that I could have hoped for. Better than anything you get in a college or university.

"The best thing it showed me was my ability to see potential and bring that out in people, as well as my love to help those who ask for it."

That’s why I started my own company, Scharinglife. (I based that off of Lance Armstrong and his “Livestrong” brand (that was before I knew he was doping)). That’s what I started working towards building a reputation, and a base of empowering and inspiring those around me to be better than they are. To seek their full potential and figure out how to go get it.


More importantly I found and fell in love with my now wife. After having the misfortune of having a couple miscarriages ourselves, some un-foreseen complications with her pregnancy. We finally were blessed with the most beautiful little girl we could have ever imagined.


I have made numerous mistakes in my life. In some people’s eyes they might believe that I don’t deserve to be this happy and successful.

I truly believe that the low points in my life is what has made me a successful husband, a successful father, a successful friend and family member, and a successful business owner.

I always wished that there was someone there for me. To help me through those times. To guide me and let me know that even though it's not ok right now.

That it will be ok.

It will even be better than I thought possible.

That's what I am here for. To inspire you, to empower you, to guide you and help take your Pain and turn it into your power.

Just like I did.

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