New and Exciting

It is a bit nerve racking when you start out on a new journey, when you do something that is beyond your comfort zone, and you are not quite sure what is going to happen and how it will work; but you do it anyways.

That's exactly how it feels when we were working on and launching this site.

We were operating off of facebook and using that as our website - trying to - but it didn't have everything that we wanted, it wasn't working the way it was supposed to, and we felt that we were losing customers interest because of it all. So needless to say we needed to make a change, we needed to open up our own website.

Scharinglife was built upon the principles and ideas that we are here to help and aid in making each and everyone of your lives better, and we couldn't do that knowing full well we were operating with a substandard site.

Our site creation took little to no time at all, It was the thinking, mulling over, and constant "I don't know if we should's" that held us back from launching this site sooner. What really helped us to come up with our decision was you. This site, what we are doing, is all for you, to help each and everyone of you become the best version of yourself as possible; and also to help build our communities in a positive way.

Once we took ourselves and our emotions out of the equation, it was really quite easy. So, now we have the tasks of making sure that everything we do here on out is in the best interest of you, the best interest of our communities and our future.

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