Inch by inch

It’s the small wins in life that we should be looking at instead of the large victories.

You’re probably sitting there thinking to yourself what the hell is this guy talking about. 

See it’s easy to get distracted in life especially with all the celebrities boasting about their huge victory’s, they’re huge multimillion dollar movies, megacontracts, 10+ extremely expensive vehicles, there five houses, and everything else they boast about making it seem like everything got handed to them and life is easy.

What majority of them don’t show you or don’t talk about is the little wins that they had to go through to get to those large victories.

It’s easy to overlook the small wins especially when you don’t set goals to achieve them, but you need to realize that the small wins are the set up for the big victories. 

See for me, one of the small wins that I made happen today was being able to put up my half assed photo studio.

The reason I View that as a small win is because I am now able to take more of a professional photo for the clothing and apparel that I am screen printing and making. Gives me the ability to give a more polished look to my product, letting me be able to show you how great this clothing line really is, and hopefully inspire you to take action.

You can call these small wins as more of a stopping, to smell the roses type of deal, the two things you want to keep in mind when you are celebrating the small wins. One, is that you need to celebrate the small wins, don’t let them pass you bye don’t forget them don’t push them of to the side, you need to give your full attention to the small wins and recognize them for the steppingstones that they are. Two, you don’t want to over celebrate the small wins, you don’t want to put more time into this celebration then what needs to happen. Now I’m not talking about celebrating for a full day, a week, a month, a year. I’m talking about setting aside 10, 15, 20 minutes maybe even a half an hour to really understand what the small win meant in your journey, and to you major goal.

Small wins will lead to big victories but you need to be patient, need to be able take your lumps, you need to be able to let yourself fail and learn from your mistakes. Even though I view my mini photo studio has a small win, while our use it I know already that I will begin to fail at taking good pictures, I’m going to fail at setting up the correct lighting, setting up the correct camera lens, and anything else that goes with taking the photos. And that’s fine, I don’t expect to be perfect and have all the answers and all the tools right away. I look forward to failing because at least I know I’m learning something new to better myself.

Here are a couple of photos of my testing out my setup and just fooling around. Enjoy.

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