Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

That line right there reminds me of the quote the head of the CIA said in one of the Jason Bourne movies, "hope for the best, plan for the worst." (I like prepare instead of plan more)

Now to my uber positive thinking people, you will most likely be looking at that and thinking, well if I even think about bad stuff I will attract it to me, and then they will end up happening.

My Marine Corps side will say "good initiative, bad judgement."

The reason I say that is, you would be right in saying that what you focus on you attract, but you need to focus on it; and I am hoping that that is not what you are doing in your life, focusing on the negative.

Now when I say "Hope" I don't mean just sitting in your chair waiting for something positive to happen to you. You actually have to go out and do something in your life. I would like to give you the credit that you are actually working towards bettering yourself and your future, that you are not actually merely just hoping something good will happen. So in this article I will go ahead and make an ass out of myself by assuming that. If I am wrong, well then it really only affects you, because you are the one not doing anything in your life except being a victim (that's a whole other subject I am not going to get into here).

By hoping for the best, you need to actually have a goal, a plan in place to make whatever that "best" is happen in your life. Whether that means getting a promotion or finding a new career, finding the love of your life or working towards keeping your relationship alive, saving $100 this month or build an investment portfolio worth millions. Whatever your "best" is, you will never achieve it if you do not plan for it, and put some action steps in place to go get it.

However, when I talk about preparing for the worst, I am saying that the world is not all sunshine and rainbows, but of course you knew this ( If you know this then stop living your life otherwise). Let me get this all out of the way; Shit happens, bad things happen to good people, it rains on the just and unjust alike, and whatever else people say out there to make life seem like a hallmark card.

To my religious folk, you know that the world was created with sin, so in essence the world is not perfect and cannot be. You need to approach everything that way.

Yes, it would be magical if everything would work out the way you planned, but that's not the world we live in. We live in a world that is dark and dirty, that is unpredictable and scary; so we must work on planning for those times, because they will happen.

Back to my uber positive friends. Here what we are doing is pointing out the possibility of something bad happening, a monkey-wrench in our plans as it were, so that when/if it actually does happen we will have a plan to overcome, adapt and adjust our tactics to be able to get back on our path to our goal.

For example: If we are working on saving $100 a month, what do you think our main goal to do is?! budgeting! We need to know where all our money is going to first, right. Once the budget is created, and we fine tune and tweak and adjust to squeeze out every last cent, we have identified where we need to stop spending money in order to get $100 to save. But, with the world against us we plan for what may happen; such as, unexpected vehicle maintenance, hospital bills, increased utility bills, increased gas prices and insurance, etc. You name it, and it could happen.

With planning for the worst we are taking inventory of our lives, where we are at in it and what that means, in this case, what that means financially. Now if you bought a brand new vehicle, you could potentially not have to worry about unexpected vehicle maintenance, and increased gas prices.

Do you understand what I am doing here? We are making a plan "just in case" something will happen, so when it does happen we are not caught off guard with it, so we can move on with our lives like it was just a blip on the radar.

Your inability to plan or see some of these things coming could result in negative feels and moods towards your goals, which could also result in giving up on your goals and dreams and possibly even depression.

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