Is walking away the right thing to do

Building off of my video of "Watch out for Haters", I feel like I didn't label that correctly. It's not that you need to watch out for haters, more than you need to be aware of what is being said to you and understand what it means.

As much as you try to avoid it, you will always have, at least, one person that hates you and hates on you. No matter what you do and what you try to avoid doing, it's just the way this world is built.

You shouldn't even be looking for haters or have them in your mind, because if you give it and them too much attention, you will start to notice them and see them because that is what you are focusing on. You need to focus on what you want, instead of what you don't want.

Really what you need to do, and honestly what we all need to do, is be cognoscente of what is happening around us, what our thoughts are. We need to be active in our lives and the sad reality is that we are not, we are passive thinking we are active and that's where we get stuck.

We are so inundated with information at a second by second basis that we have (and are continuing to) trained ourselves to give second by second emotions to that information in an effort to sort through it as quickly as we can. The problem with doing that is we will mislabel 90% of information as incorrect (fyi that percentage is made up, but used to give a gravity of the situation).

What we do is look at the information, we look at the people giving the information, we look at the context of the information, and many other parameters to make our decisions in micro seconds.

If we have preconceived familiarities in these different parameters that we have used enough times to where they are now our habits and in our subconscious, we simply go to those preconceived notions, use them instead of creating new parameters for that time, and move on.

Meaning, if we like a person and they tell us we suck at drawing. Since we have a favorable opinion of that person we will generally take their critique as correct and true; however, if someone we don't like tells us the exact same thing, we will most likely think that they are a hater, they are just being negative and all manners of thoughts.

Again, we do this as an effort to get though all the information we have on a daily basis. One way to help us focus and decrease the amount of information is through meditation, but I will talk about that in another segment.

Back to the example, we got the same information from two different people, one we liked and one we didn't, and we gave two different opinions to the information we got.

Learning to look at information objectively and without emotion is something the 1% of the world are able to do, the ones that are extremely successful. They have the ability to take emotion out of what is being said to them and use that information to their advantage.

They see two people saying " your drawing sucks" and think. Is drawing my career or am I doing it for fun? If I am doing it for fun then screw them because this relaxes me and I do it for my enjoyment. However, if drawing is my career, are these people rival artists? do they have a vested interest in my drawings? are they my boss or manager? is what I drew a rough draft? is it in the scope of what I was supposed to draw for?

There are many questions you can ask yourself when you look at the information objectively, instead of looking at the information with emotion. You might find out that the person you like that told you your drawing sucks, is actually hating on you because they wish they could draw as good as you. You might also find out that the person you didn't like that said your drawing sucked might have said it with your best interest in mind, and was actually looking out for you.

We don't know other peoples motives in life at any given time, everyone's life is different. That means that we cannot take everything a person says in the same context, that we to must change our perspective in order to truly understand what is being said to us.

Yes, we must change. Not the other person or people, but us, YOU, and I must change.

Haters come in all shapes and sizes, they come as enemies and as family and friends, but the same can be said for those who want us to win and see us succeed. Don't just take a book by its cover, read it, and learn. Open yourself up to looking into the information that is given to you, be active in your life and who knows, you might find yourself starting to enjoy your life more.

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