You cant stop a rolling stone

Life is truly all about the little things.

Let me explain. Even though our society shows and tells us that the big grandiose gestures or the giant moves you make are what separate you from the average person and the successful person; when you really look at the moves and map it out, you see and understand that yes the big moves make the biggest splashes, but they are short lived. It’s the small moves done religiously that make the most impact in the long run.

When you are in a new relationship and you are getting to know each other, that’s when those big gestures are more common. What you are trying to do is separate who you are from everyone else the person dated before you, and from anyone else in the world. You are trying to tell and show them that no one else can make them feel this special. However, when the relationship matures and progresses, those big gestures tend to happen less and less, and sometimes not at all.

The same can be said for your job. With ever new job there is this “honeymoon” phase that we all go through. The job is attractive because you are learning about it and the company, you are building relationships with your coworkers. There is so much you don’t have and need to learn that it is all so exciting. You start to notice things that could be done better or should be changed altogether. You work on those assignments and make great progress with them, your boss is happy, your coworkers are happy and the changes that you have implemented are helping everyone in the company. But sad thing is, those big workplace changes don’t come around all to often, and it tends to be harder and harder to make a splashy impact and get yourself noticed.

So, then what are you supposed to do?

Instead of going for the big impact, you should opt for momentum.

What I mean by that is. You need to look for things that are duplicatable, that can be done religiously and with some regularity.

In the workplace we tend to call those things, daily tasks. In life they are habits that you have created to form a certain outcome and feeling.

The “things” that you do, must be done with regularity to be able to build the momentum I am talking about. If they are not done often enough then you are in danger of failing to make any impact, whether it be for your relationship, your job, business, finances, etc.

Small gestures done over time will add up to be bigger than those one-time big splashy style impacts that everyone talks about. To the undisciplined, some of the big splashy impact gestures look that way because they do not see the small steps the person took to get there. Those come in the form of jealousy remarks, such as; “they are so lucky”, “all the good stuff always happens to them”, “It’s not fair”.

Momentum will carry you to where you want to go, and if you know anything about momentum, once something gets going it’s hard to stop it. You need to continually do the small things. The opening the door for your significant other, or putting your phone down to talk to them; at work it could be as simple as having your boss be able to count on you to do your job or tasks correctly, the first time with little or know oversight.

All those things add up, and when you look back on them, even though they seem small, you will see and understand that they have added up to something much bigger.

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