Right Tool, Right Situation - working title -

Below is an excerpt from my upcoming book. I am looking to fine tune the book, make it relatable and valuable. Let me know what you think, and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

When you become an expert in a field of study, you end up being able to use the right tool for the right situation, every time. You get so good at using those tools that they just become second nature to you, you know where they are at all times, you know exactly how to use the tools, and when one will work, but another one will work better and faster and easier.

Take a carpenter for instance. They have many tool boxes, saws, drills, a collection of power tools at their disposal; and yet each of those tools are needed for a particular job, each and every one of those tools is needed at some point in the project. You wouldn’t use a socket wrench when nailing together 2x4s, would you?!

Life is the same way. There are many different tools you can possess, each and every tool that you have, has its own particular set of abilities and skills to help with whatever project you want to get done.

We are going to explore a couple of those tools here. I want to dig a little deeper into them, not because there are a few tools you can use throughout your life; on the contrary, there and so many tools you could use to help enhance your life in every aspect, that it would be too overwhelming to try and compact them all into this book, and then try to explain each one to the point you would feel confident in using them.

No, here I want to pick just a couple and go through them. So you know what they are, what they can do, and how you can apply them within your life. This is intended for you to fully understand the tools you are using and when to use them. So hopefully do you not get stuck when you are in your moment, but instead, you can continue to push forward, and create your better future.

Let's get real here, the majority of us are merely floating through life. We are wasting our time on this earth for seconds of pleasure that are fleeting, to say the least. We are easily distracted, easily persuaded and yet stubborn at the same time.

It is time to take back your life, for the better. To take control of your future, and your family's future, in hopes you can help them to create a better life for themselves, and show them that if they want something bad enough, there is a way to get it (legally).

So let’s spend a little time together here going through some great tools and ideas on how you can overcome fear, believe more in yourself, act in spite of fear and make the right choices to put you in the right position to reap the benefits.

Now let me begin by giving a disclaimer. If you are reading this to be able to read some nice flowing stories with great description that can almost transport you somewhere else, or if you are looking to acquire some motivation and inspiration because yours is running low today; you mind as well move on and get some fictional book (for all you story readers out there) , and for all you “motivation” suckers out there, go to youtube and watch some videos.

What we are doing here is, as the old saying goes, get into the meat and potatoes. This will be no muss, no fluff, no hassle and this is no “quick scheme” either. What I want to do is give you some principles to start off with that can have a dramatic impact on your life (if done right), and explain why they work. That’s it. Short and sweet, and you can get on with your day.

If you are like me, every second of every day is valuable, so to waste my time on some heavy-hearted words, or long drawn out stories that could be summed up in 5 sentences, does not seem like much value to me.

And I want to give you as much value as I can.

I will start by saying that these ideas, these principles that we will be talking about and discussing are nothing new. I am not coining anyone of these principles, or have come up with some grand new “life hack” that has never been discovered before. What I am doing here is merely reiterating what has been said by countless men and women before me, who like me, want to better this world and help each of you live your best life possible.

When I started my first business, a phrase was said that really stuck out to me, and I am paraphrasing here,

'You may hear something 999 times and it does not click, but that 1,000 time might be what you needed to hear, and now all of that information falls into place and you understand what was said.'

That was something that kept being said over and over again, from conference to conference, show to show and convention to convention. That is exactly what I am trying to do here. I am hoping that this is your 1,000 time hearing some of these principles and all of a sudden the veil is lifted, you see clearer and know exactly what you must do to achieve what you have been dreaming of.

To have a better future and life, it must be an all or nothing approach. Not only in your execution of these principles but also in the areas that they are conveyed.

It doesn't help you if your personal life is flourishing, but your job/career is plummeting and you lose your job. Of course, I know money isn’t everything, but a wise man once said, “it’s up there with breathing.” Likewise, you could have an outstanding career, but your physical fitness is poor and you are constantly tired, sore, feeling lazy and lethargic; which will, in turn, give you negative thoughts about yourself and you could possibly become depressed.

These principles might feel overwhelming if you try to implement them all at once. I suggest taking on one or two at a time and make a habit out of them first. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I feel it is much longer than that, because your first need to rid yourself of the bad habit you are doing to make room for your new good habits. It’s hard to say how long it will take to create a new habit, but most habits are created over years of persistence; my feeling is, if it took you 10 years to create a habit, it will take more like 66 days to break it and then create a new habit.

Keep in mind that this is a lifestyle change as well. This is not just a one and done mindset. Just because you did it once or you created the habit, doesn’t mean you can go on autopilot or become complacent. To create a better future, you need to be a steward over your life and watch it carefully to help it grow into something beautiful.

To fully understand, remember and be able to use these principles; I suggest that you read this book a handful of times at least. Repetition, repetition, repetition is the name of the game. Michael Jordan didn’t become the greatest NBA player of all time because he shot the ball once and called it good. If you have read anything about him, you understand he had a tireless work ethic for his craft. That is what you must need here in order to live your best life.

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