I didn't do it, he did it.

Why is it so difficult to be able to stand out in a crowd?! Now don’t get me wrong, it is extremely easy to look different then the rest of the group. But to truly stand out takes something a lot different that what the average person possesses,

When I am talking about standing out in the crowd, I mean being able to act, feel, look, think, dream differently than everyone else, so much that it shows. You can always tell that one person or that group of people that just don’t “fit in” with the crowd (whatever fit in really means). They might be just a little bit off, carry themselves a little bit differently. To the point that everyone else feels uncomfortable with them being able to be their own person, that the people around them start to ridicule them, make fun of them, call them names, criticize the way they dress or the way they talk. Pretty much do and say anything they can to tip the balance back in their favor so they don’t feel inferior.

It’s sad really.

As individuals we try to tell everyone to be their own person, to not fear standing out and being different. The words are easy to say but the actions are something totally different.

I want to sit here and type this eloquent series of paragraphs, using sources and correct terminology; citing quotes and comparisons. Making it really seem like I know how it feels to stand out, or that I’ve researched it enough that I can be considered an “expert” on the subject.

In all honesty, I am a straight white male. Pretty plain jane. On top of that I am naïve and ignorant to any and almost every of the hardships people have had to go through just to live in their own skin, and have the thoughts and dreams they have. I truthfully don’t know what its like to have to fight within yourself, have the inner turmoil, just to be able to live with yourself every day.

I can sit here all day and tell you that making fun of someone isn’t right, but then again, I am not the one being made fun of. We bully people that we do not know or are not the same way as we are, so much so that people end up taking their own lives because to them that seems easier to deal with than the constant ridicule and bashing they receive on a daily basis.

And for what?!

All I know is, it is wrong. All I know is that it irritates me and frustrates me to know end that we – as a society – cannot just accept people for who they are. That we have to label and place them into categories so that at the end of the day, we feel better about ourselves. All I know is we need to learn to spread love instead of insecurity and even hatred for that we do not know.

I don’t have the data to back up any claims that the society perceived “normal” people tease, and bully, and physically harm those that don’t “fit in”. But then again I don’t need the data, we see it everywhere, in every corner of the earth. And yes, you could sit there and blame the white people, you can blame the black people, the Asians, the Mexicans, the straight, and whatever other category of people you can think of. The fact remains that it is ALL of our fault. Each and every one of us, no one can hide.

So what do we do?.....

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