Knowing is growing

I want to talk about growth here, and growth can be looked at in many different lights, for many different situations; however, I don't want to water this topic down by pointing out a few situations and then move along.

See the biggest misconception about growth is, its easy. The second biggest is probably anyone can do it.

But the fact of the matter is that not everyone can do it, not everyone can grow.

For you literal or sarcastic s.o.b.'s, I am not talking about growing in height or weight, so calm down. haha

I mean, growing as a person.

That could be in any form, be it emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially. Literally any form you can think of, that's what I want to hit on here.

Without drawing this out, growing is hard because it is work. Plain and simple. I wish I could sugar coat it for you but I cannot. If growing in any form was easy, than everyone would have done or is currently doing it.

The lack of growth in your life is a direct correlation with your brain working solely on keeping you in the safe zone.

It's like the friend zone but for your mind ;)

The way your mind keeps you safe is keeping you in the "known".

The "known" is any and everything that you have gone through in your life that your mind can take you to that will not harm you in anyway.

I know this because I have a huge problem with my known zone, but that is one of the things that I am working on, with help.

Why do you think people sabotage great relationships, cheat on spouses, gamble away their money, get fired from a great job with a great company that they may think sucks?!

See your mind doesn't care if the place it takes you to is negative and will make your life shitty in the process. All your mind knows is that that place is known and you will not die there.

So you argue over stupid shit in your relationship and hold onto grudges instead of making the fear you have your teacher, and embracing the lessons it is about to teach you. Or you get a raise at work, and the first thing you do is go to the casino, or to the bars and spend that money instead of investing it. You know that the casino/bar wont kill you, even though it will take all your money and leave you nothing in return but regret.

Even though you want a successful and loving relationship, it will evolve and go into different seasons, which is something that is unknown. Even though you want to keep that raise you just got, maybe even increase your wealth, you don't know how to do that so you retreat back to what you know. and don't even get me started on asking for help.

See you want great lasting change, you need to evolve. You need to grow. And that means doing things you have never done, going to places (even if it is just mentally) that you have never gone before. Putting yourself in situations that are uncomfortable and uneasy.

But let me tell you, those are exactly the places that you want to be in. Those are the growing places, they are the teachers and the lessons that will bring you into the next version of the person you want to be.

It's hard, trust me I know. I am walking this journey with you. But it is also worth it. The harder the task, the greater the reward.

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