Keep your routine or pay the price


No matter what you are doing now because of society slowdown and being quarantined to your home, what you need to make sure you continue to do is your


This will not be the new normal for the rest of your life. Things will change, we will get back to normal, life will resume like it was before this has ever happened. The best thing that you can do is remain in your


If you woke up at 4am everyday, don't change that. I am not saying you cant sleep in a little bit here or there, but what I am saying is do not make a habit of it. You have had to wake up at 4am before for a reason, whether it was to get ready for work, maybe heading to the gym for a early morning workout, or this is your personal time you get everyday to do your daily affirmations. Whatever the reason is for you getting up that early, keep that reasoning, keep that


Now if you are part of the world that cannot go back to work and does not have a job to do, don't just go hog wild and start partying, drinking and doing things you wouldn't normally do if you were a reasonable adult. Instead continue to work your 9-5 at home, but instead of having to do your work, use that time to progress yourself. Maybe do some online classes, learn a new language, read mentally stimulating books; don't just sit in front of the tv and watch every episode of every show you can. Stay in your


If you work second shift, or even third shift, keep those hours. I know from experience having worked those shifts in the past and getting out of that step schedule really throws your body off. It takes longer to be able to get back to normal and get your body back on track. If you stay up late, then continue to stay up late; however, if you go to bed early, don't pretend like your cute and going to now stay up late. Once you get your body used to that, it will be hell trying to get back to going to bed early when all of this is said and done, and we now need to get back to work. Stay in your


If you go for walks daily, continue to go for walks daily; it is alright to add a couple more of this in during a week, that wont hurt you. Right now is the perfect time to start creating new good habits, instead of keeping the old bad habits and making them worse. Trust me you will thank yourself later. The pain you will experience later when you have to get back to the way things were is going to be far greater than the little pleasure you might be receiving now. Continue your


I want to be clear, I am not saying that you can't do anything out of the normal right now. If you want to wake up at 8am and start drinking the whole day. Go right ahead if you think that will benefit you. Just don't make it a habit, don't do it everyday. For one you might run out of booze, for two you might run out of money, and for three you will have a hell of a hangover when you come down from it all haha.

Basically, use this time to better yourself, listening to uplifting podcasts, take online courses, listen to TED talks, or watch youtube videos of something you have always wanted to do but couldnt, learn a new language, do whatever you can to come out of this pandemic not just unscaved but better than you were before.

Stay in your... or make a new better


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