Having one ice cream flavor would be boring. Right?

What makes a human act the way that they do?

What compels someone to hate and destroy?

In one word.


Plain and simple.

When you come out of the womb you have no idea of anything. You don't even know what love, and hate are. You have no concepts, no thoughts, no ideas, no hopes, no dreams. You are just merely alive.

Which is a miracle in itself when you think about it.

Then how do some people turn out loving other people. How do people turn out being indifferent to others, and how do people turn out hating other people.

It's how they were raised. It is the people they are around on a constant basis. That's your parents. Your siblings if you have any. Your relatives.

Some people all they know is hate, because that is all they were taught growing up.

In my personal experience - not that I grew up hating anyone - the more you move around in this world, the more you experience new, and different things, and cultures, and people. The more you appreciate everyone's differences. The more you understand peoples struggles. However, if you are stuck, and staying in one of a few locations. You are more ingrained in what happens from those places.

You might have been born, and breed into hatred. But that does not mean you have to stay there. You can't be happy when you hate. You are then living a half life, and anything less than a 100% life is a shame.

You are wasting your life.

There's no reason why our world can't just even tolerate other people and other cultures. You don't want to love someone? ok, I get that. There are people in this world I don't care to be around anymore. There are people in this world that I have taken out of my life. There are people in this world I will never understand or even want to understand.

That doesn't mean I am going to treat them with any less respect as I would want for myself.

WE don't have to agree with everyone or anyone. WE can all have different opinions, and be passionate about those opinions. WE can love different things, and we can not love different things. WE don't have to be the same or even similar to be able to live in this world.

All WE need to do is accept that someone won't have the same views and opinions as you, and leave it at that.

Hell look at sports for an example. There are hundreds of different sports in this world, with even more sports teams.

Take professional basketball. California has four different teams in it's state, and Texas has three different teams. Each one of those teams has it's own fan base, and people who are passionate about "their" team.

None of those fans are right or wrong about who their favorite team is, nor why they like that team. Which could be a myriad of differences. Yet they still fight over their team.

Maybe it's just innately ingrained in us to be combative.


Maybe we haven't been taught how to be different. How to act different.

Maybe that's where we need to start. Maybe we need to teach how to be passionate, but respectful. How someone can like something else, and that doesn't make them stupid because we don't like it, and don't understand why they like it.

Maybe we can change our mindset to." Oh hey you like broccoli? well I hate broccoli. Thanks for eating the broccoli so I don't have to or have to throw it away."

We HAVE to change our way of thinking about things. Our differences don't make us wrong. They make us... different. period.

How would life be if you could only eat one type of ice cream for the rest of your life? It would suck, right!

You want different flavors, you want people to create new flavors. You love that there are different flavors, and that you can have all of them if you want.

Well that's life my friend. Us humans are all just different flavors of ice cream.

And guess what. There are more flavors coming out everyday.

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