Problems aren't problems

It's easy to think that just because something is hard, or that it takes longer than originally anticipated that you had problems.

It's even easier when you plan our your path of attack, and it doesn't go the way that you planned. That you had to deal with problems to get through in order to complete your plan.

The word "problem" has such a negative cogitation surrounding it that people actually go out of their way to think of a different word to describe what is happening to them. Crazy huh.

Like it's not a problem, it's an opportunity to get better.

No dumbass. It's a problem.

Being a problem doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I will confess that being a problem also means that it can be an opportunity (even though I hate using the word opportunity).

Problems have the distinct pleasure of allowing you the extra time to put towards them. If you don't fix your problem(s) then you are forced to repeat them over, and over until you remedy the situation, and learn what it is to be learned.

At work when you are working on completing a project, but then something goes wrong. Of course it is easy to get frustrated, because all you want is for things to go right. However, incurring this problems will help you to fix something that you didn't do correctly in the first place. Now you get to learn more about the process you are working on, and you also have the advantage of when - in the future - someone else experiences this problem. You would have already troubleshooted it, and came up with a solution that can be passed on. Allowing you the ability to not only learn from your mistake, but also to mentor someone else, and teach them how to do the same for someone else.

In a relationship when your significant other, and you are fighting. It can be looked as a problem. The one good thing about you two fighting is that there is still passion in the relationship. Meaning that you are both still willing to fight for the relationship. I know it doesn't seem like it in the moment, but that's a good thing. The problem with fighting though is that typically one, if not both of you are not listening to each other. Which could end badly if left unnoticed.

The fight helps each of you understand what you both value. The next step would be to talk about how you can compromise, and meet in the middle. Make no mistake about it, relationships are compromise. You are taking two different people and combining them together.

The really cool things about problems is that they make you aware of where you are falling short. Giving you the ability to strengthen any weakness that may result. There aren't a lot of indicators in this world that allow you that kind of freedom.

The next time you stumble across a problem. Don't look at it negatively. Instead flip it on it's head, and look at it positively. Look at it being able to build upon the amazing person you already are.

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