✨It's not over yet

We are living in an unprecedented time right now. There is a global pandemic we are calling COVID-19, the economy crashed (although it is doing a lot better now). We are experiencing social injustices still. Crescendoing to the death of a black man by a white cop in Minnesota, which has turned not only American into a frenzy, but also the world. In America we are having protests, and also rioting. Apparently there's a thing called "murder hornets" (WTF!), and not to mention it looks like the midwest is going to get hit by a tropical storm.

Tropical storm... In the midwest... where it's not tropical, and no where near an ocean.

Which one of you saw all this coming? not me, that's for sure.

I am big on planning. Not over planning, because that's a thing, and that's a thing people use to procrastinate in the name of doing something.

No, see I do strategic planning for your life. Giving you the best chances to make the best choices in your life you can. So that you will be able to life a happier, and more fulfilled life.

Within my planning I have a thing called pitfall planning. Basically, you visualize your path, your journey to your end goal. While you're doing that you are identifying areas within your journey that could derail you at certain moments. We create a trigger, or a habit to get past those obstacles so that you can get back onto the path towards your dreams, and goals.

It's not real fancy, but let me tell you it does the trick.

I am working on getting you comfortable with knowing that shit will happen, and to plan to the best of your ability what shit you're going to happen upon so you can get past it quickly. With little to no emotion involved.

Let me tell you. I did not plan for this dumpster fire we are calling 2020. As much as I try to see the pitfalls that could happen. Who the heck would of seen a pandemic, murder hornets, economic crash, civil rights injustice, rioting, and hurricane in the midwest.

That's just the first half of the year.

Let me say that again so it sinks in. That's just half the year!

There's still another 6 months left until this year is over.

What that means to you is. If you have been severely derailed from your path. You don't know which way is up, or what direction you are facing. Don't worry.

I say again. DO NOT WORRY!

There is so much you can do in 6 months. There is so much you can do in the second half of this year. You can get back on track, hell you can even blow your plans out of the water, and total kill the rest of the year.

If you're like me, this first half of the year has only motivated you to chase your dreams even more. It has only increased your resolve to not live the way you are living, but to make a covenant with yourself to live a happier more fulfilling life. This first half of the year has empowered your soul, and lite a fire under your ass.

Unless i'm totally off base and you are enjoying what this year has brought thus far.

2020 isn't over. Not by a long shot. Take each day as one step in front of the other. Soon you will find yourself walking, then running, then sprinting. By the time you look up you will realize that you're not only not where you started. You are miles away with no intention of going back.

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