5 Things I know about Change

I'm sitting on the curb, knees up to my chest, with my head in my hands. It's pitch black out, most likely 3-4 in the morning, and all I am thinking is "I am so fucked". After I couldn't push my car back onto it's four wheels, I decided to give up, sit down, and face head on whatever was coming at me. As I lift my head from my hands to see a semi circle of people around me, standing at a distance, most likely all wondering what happened, and if I was alright. The sound of sirens, and flashing red and blue lights get closer. There was no where to run, there was no reason to run, I messed up, only I can face the music. Earlier that night I was out drinking with a new group of friend I'd been trying to connect with, along with a cousin and her boyfriend at the time, who were going to be my new roommates. We were all having a great time out at the bars, and decided to take the party back to our place after bar close. I don't remember what was all said, or what the argument was about. All I know is that I was kicked out of the house, and was not welcome to stay with them anymore. So I packed up all my stuff, literally everything I owned was in the truck of my car. Needless to say I was feeling as about as big as a field mouse at that point in time. I get into the car and start driving off, no clue as to where I am going, and not really even knowing the roads. I am drunk, and should not be driving. I was a mess, I was lost, I was crying, I was driving too fast for where I was. Two things you don't want to be are emotional, and drunk while you are driving, in the dark no less. I was driving well above the posted 25 mph speed limit, and noticed too late that the road had a bend to the right. I slammed on the brakes, and turned the steering wheel in hopes of avoiding the curb, and by the grace of God not die. I then smashed into the curb, flipping my car unto it's side, as it slide to a halt probably a good 20 feet from where I initially crashed. Without any second thought, I climbed out of the passenger window, which the windshield was shattered, I hopped off of the car, and tried with all my strength to push it over onto the four wheels. That's when it hit me, and I sat down waiting for the inevitable. Little did I know that where I was driving, If I hadn't of turned the steering wheel, and tried to stay with where I thought the road was; I would have drove off a cliff, and more than likely that would have been the end of my life. Instead I ended up in handcuffs in the back of a squad car, headed to get my finger prints taken, and a breathalyzer to be permanently put on my record. I believe I was about a year out of the Marines at this time, obviously still trying to find my way in life, find my place in this world. Have you ever noticed that you get these little nudges in life, like a universal course correction, letting you know that where you are headed is not the place you are supposed to go. Well, this wasn't my "little" course correction; this was the universe slapping me in the face, saying wake the hell up dude! Apparently I wasn't paying close enough attention up until then to understand that signs that were given to me. There are times out there where we are all pushed or pulled into a direction that we can feel is something more that just us, like a divine poke sheparding us towards our best selves. If you are like me and you don't pay attention to the more subtle signs, like an toddler annoying their parents, those signs will continue over and over, growing in severity each and every time. Over my 37 years on this earth I have been led, and I have been pushed towards different areas in life, and over that time I have come to understand a couple truths about how we progress, and change in life with the least amount of pain and discomfort.

1. Change is constant.

Change is one of those certainties in life, like death, and taxes. There is absolutely no way to get away from change, we are constantly changing each and every day, in subtle almost unnoticeable ways. Everything that we consume, or don't consume, is vital to our change, and how we will end up changing. The older we get the more set in our ways we are; however, that doesn't mean that the elderly are exempt from change, no there are there with us all, changing everyday. Just because you have gone through a monumental change in your life, doesn't mean that area of your life is done. With whatever season you were in, that change is what was needed for you to progress. It was needed for you to advance to the next level. Every day comes with new levels, and new devils to overcome.

2. Change is necessary

If you don't change you get left behind. Look at every advancement out there sin