Adapt, Adjust, Overcome

Three different words that are used to explain how we get through something (in different ways).

You see how I wrote "through", not away, or past something.

I feel that's what people think of and do when it comes to challenges in their life.

The fact that you have challenges in your life means that you have been brought to a point where you need to change. You need to grow and become greater than what you currently are.

Challenges aren't created to deter you from becoming more. They are there to enhance you and your abilities.

Too often I see people shy away from the challenges in their life. Too often I hear stories of someone being met with a obstacle in their path, and they run the other way. Hoping to avoid that challenge altogether.

Life doesn't work that way. If you want to grow, and I am hoping that you are. You need to change.

That's what Adapt, Adjust, and Overcome all have in common.

What you are currently doing now isn't working. So you have to change your tactics, maybe even re-create your strategy in order to get through your obstacle.

The obstacle won't go away. You may be able to run from it for a bit, possible even hide from it for awhile. But you will come in contact with it later on down the road.

That challenge is your ceiling for your life. You won't be able to progress any further until you confront your challenge and beat it. Either by adapting your tactics, adjusting your strategy, or overcoming your fear - of whatever.

This challenge isn't to deter you from your goal. It is there to strengthen your resolve. It is there because there is something you will need to learn before you get to the next level of your life.

If you don't confront your challenges. That's fine.

You'll just be left behind by the people that do. That could be your family, friends, loved ones.

You will become the neanderthal and they will be the future.

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