Are you a planner or do you go with the flow?🌊

How are you going through your life?

Day to day. What are you doing to progress your life? Are you even progressing your life or are you drifting through life aimlessly?

Piggy backing off of the Sunday startup. There is nothing wrong with either option. Whether you are a planner or you go with the flow. That doesn't matter. What matters is do you know which option you are.

Knowing if you are more of a planner or more of "going with the flow" helps you to identify how you are making your decisions, and why.

Planners. Just like their name. Plan. Simple as that. They try and take in all of the options, they look at every option that they can, and look at laying down a strategic plan to obtain what they are going after. Even if that plan is to through an amazing birthday party, or going on a tropical vacation. Planners know every step of the process. So that nothing is unaccounted for and there are no surprises.

Whereas, the people that "go with the flow" like surprises. They are the ones that feed off of the spontaneity, and are very fluid. They have little to zero emotional attachment to the outcome, just that they get to it with the least amount of stress possible. They do not strategically plan how they will go about obtaining the goals they are going after. They just point themselves in a direction and walk that way. So whatever happens, happens, and they will deal with it when it comes.

Neither option is wrong. Both options have their benefits and can work for you with practice.

In the Sunday startup I proposition you to work on using both in your life. If you are a planner, look at trying to fly by the seat of your pants for a bit. Take small adjustments to be able to do so. This will give you the confidence to be able to do it more often, and with greater ease.

Likewise, if you fly by the seat of your pants. Try planning something out. Sit down with pen and paper and write out your starting position and your ending position. Write down the steps you think will logically take you from point A to point B. Work on planning out each step, and make it to where you are able to build momentum with each accomplishment. Again, start small. Maybe start with planning out your grocery shopping, or just plan out what you are going to do in one day. See how it feels, and then work to build on that.

With practice comes perfection.

I am not telling you to forego what currently works for you now. I am asking you to adopt another strategy. This will help you in the future by giving you more tools in your toolbelt to be able to get the job done. SO when you are faced with a problem you can't plan for. You now have the ability, and confidence to tackle with fluidly.