Attract providence🤩, not pain.

So often we get caught up in our our pain, in our our misery, in our own failures.

We forget to take off our tunnel vision and see the world around us. So many times we get caught looking at the ground in a "whoa is me" mentality. We stopped doing one of the things that will help us the most.

We stopped helping other people.

That is single-handedly one of the biggest and easiest ways to get over our own pain. To help someone else with theirs.

Why does it work so well?

It's because we stop putting our self at the center of attention, and we place our efforts and brain power onto someone else.

Think of it as distracting yourself from your temporary pain. Because it is temporary, or at least it is meant to be.

I'm sure you have heard of this before. "Where attention goes, energy flows."

It is the absolute truth. The more time and attention you put into something, the greater you attract it to you. Hence "Law of Attraction."

It's true. The more you think about something the more it appears. The best analogy is when you are looking for a new car.

The car(s) you are thinking about are the same exact ones you start to see all over the roads, no matter where you are driving to.

You attention is on that vehicle. All your mind knows is that. So it tries to bring it to you anyway it can.

That's why many people, myself included, stress the importance about being intentional with your thoughts. Don't just think you want a Chevy Silverado. Because you will end up seeing all shapes, all years, all colors, all prices.

Think you want to see a 2019 cherry red chevy silverado crew cab LT (or whatever the specifics are) for $21,000.

The point is you want to be so specific that you attract that into your life. Because it will happen.

I am trying to empower you to use the law of attraction to your benefit when you are in pain.

I am hoping this inspires you to try this for yourself. To see if it works. Try it when you are in a peak state of emotion, when you are happiest. Once you know it works (and it does) you can then pass it over to when you are in pain.

From there you can change your attention to something else that will bring you please, and even help someone else in return.

Maybe you will be the one inspiring someone else to be better than they are. You could be the one empowering them to take action, and to help someone who is in pain.

You can be the positive difference in someone else's life.

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