🧠Control your mind. You can control the world

The weak complain, and argue, and bitch. They find ways to make it seem like it is not their fault, and they are not to blame. They play the victim each and every time, and at the same time make it seem like it is you to blame for it.

The strong know otherwise. The strong know that even though things can and will go bad. That they still hold the power, just as long as they don't blame others. They actively seek out accountability and responsibility; because they want to be in control and call the shots. They aren't going to leave anything up to chance. They see an opportunity even within failure and defeat, and use it to their advantage. There is no quit in them.

To control your mind you must first be in charge. You cant be in charge if you are constantly playing the victim all the time.

You may think you are in charge because people are doing what you complain about, mainly because they just want to shut you up. But in the long run. In the grand scheme of life. You are the weak one.

True control comes from overcoming the mind and taming those negative and defeating thoughts that make you complain, and bitch.

To control your mind you must first control what you let into your mind.

- News

- Social media

- Gossip

- Degrading content

Those are just examples of things you must limit in your mind, and if able to, get rid of altogether.

I know that the news can be a hard one to get rid of. However, if that is something you keep in your life. You MUST vet the sources you are using, and do your homework on the news you are getting. Not just taking everything you see as gospel. You must verify the information.

Here are examples of things that you must keep in your life, and in your mind daily.

- Positive music, and movies

- Positive affirmations

- Self help, Self development, Personal development books, tapes, seminars

The strong know they need to control their mind in order to succeed in their life. They are the wise. They are the leaders. They are the masters of their destiny. They also teach others to do the same so their legacy lives on.