Do you feel you're not enough🙏

There are days where I feel like I am just killing it. Where anything I do goes right, nothing can go wrong. I feel like I am just a superhero in a human body.

Then there are the days where I feel like I am like the anti-Midas. Everything I touch turns to shit. Nothing I do feel like it goes right. Everyone is yelling at me or mad or some shit. It's like there is just a constant dark cloud hovering over my head no matter where I go. Yet everyone else looks to be having a bright and shiny day.

Those days I feel like I am not enough. Those days I feel inadequate. Like I am letting everyone down.

Yes. I too get down on myself. There are times where I feel like I am not enough. I get sad and depressed. There are times where I think dark and negative thoughts.

When I feel myself start to go down the rabbit hole. I quickly try to bring myself out of it.

Honestly guys self pity is a truly dark place to be. It can seem inviting because most of the time you are getting attention and people want to bring you out of it. But it is not place you want to be. EVER!

The way I get myself out of that funk. Is to think about the people that count on me. The ones that I love, and the people I want to inspire to help make this world a better place.

I know it might sound corny. But when you are able to understand that this life is not just about you. That we are all in this together, especially the ones you hold dear. It helps to reinforce life, and helps to know that not everyday will be sunshine and rainbows.

For me its big now more than ever with a little girl to look after.

When I get down on myself. I think of her. I think of wanting the world to be the best place it can be for her. So she can walk down the streets without worrying about something bad happening. She can turn on her social media and not be bombarded with negativity but with positivity. When she goes out in public, she is met with friendly greetings and happy people. Instead of lumps on a log, and people only looking to be in this world for themselves.

I get it guys. I am in the trenches with you. I am fighting that mental fight every day.

Now more than ever since I am trying to create a bigger presence on social media, so i can reach more people and hopefully inspire more of you to be better and create better every day.

There are days where I am constantly second guessing what I want to post, and most times don't post at all.

These mental demons that attack us everyday can get tiring and make you run down.

Just remember one thing. And that's to remember the ones you love, because they love you too and want the best for you. Think of them, and wanting the best for them. This should help bring you out of your funk, and reinforce what an amazing person you are.

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