Don't go left just because someone is going right.

Be an individual

Be unique

Be authentic

Be original

Be creative

Be a trend setter

I am so tired for society telling me to be what I should be. The part of that though is that somewhere in there, I have to take societies advise.

The same goes for you too You will have to do what society says. At one point or another.

For those of you out there - and I was one of these people too - who struggle and fight to do the opposite of whatever someone tells you. To fight every chance that you can, thinking that no one can tell you what to do or control you.

You need to kick that mindset right now!

You are thinking too much of "it's me against the world," and that doesn't help you at all.

I am sure that you have gone through some stuff in your life that you kept fighting and kept fighting, only to eventually have to go through with what you were fighting.

Have you ever heard that saying "You have to go along to get along."

Its usually said by someone blackmailing someone else. But here I am talking about the fact that it would be easier for you, and faster, if you would go right when someone tells you to go right, instead of fighting and going left.

Disclaimer. I want you to know I am not advocating for you to be a puppet, or to blindly go along with someone just because.

Be your own person!

What I am saying is. If you slow your mind down (in the moment) and think about the actions you are doing, and the actions you are asking to do. You might find out that the path you are told to go on might actually be advantageous to your growth, and ultimately where you want to end up.

It's like driving on the highway to get somewhere. You might have to drive on the "shitty" part of the highway because it is faster, and/or it's the only road that really makes sense for you to go on to be able to get where you want to go.

It's obviously not what you want, but it is the lesser of two evils.

The same with life. There might be things you don't want to do, but also, in doing them you will get to where you want to go faster.

Don't.... I repeat DO NOT! sacrifice your morals, integrity and ethics to get somewhere.

That's the only caveat that I can put here. If there is something that someone wants you to do and you don't feel right. Not just because you don't want to, but you can feel it deep down in your soul. DO NOT DO IT!!!!!

You will never win if you sacrifice yourself to where you want to go. If you keep giving up a part of you before you get to your destination, there will be nothing left once you get there. Then what would it all have been for?

However, if you are fighting someone or something because you don't like that person, or company. You are wrong. That fight will get you no where, and you will lose valuable time in the end, and more than likely you will lose that fight as well.

Be smart. Be tactical. Be strategic.

The game is chess it's not checkers.

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