💌Don't walk this path alone

You are proud, I get it.

It's a nice feather in your cap when you can say you did it yourself. But the fact of the matter is you don't have to.

We are all fighting demons. We are all going through pain and suffering in our lives. Some more than others.

But that does not mean you have to go through it alone.

I get that you might be portrayed as weak, or that you can't handle your shit. I understand that you don't want to look vulnerable. That to you it might show a sign of weakness.

The fact is. We are all going through life the same way. No one has the answers, no one has it all figured out or has a magical formula. We are all taking it day by day, and hoping for the best.

I know personally that the more I would push people away. The more I would isolate myself. The more depressed I got, and the worse I felt.

It wasn't until I reached out for help that I started to feel better, and get better. It wasn't until then that I actually started to heal, and be able to move myself forward in life. Instead of sitting in the same negative funk I kept myself in.

Again, we are all going through something. The thing we have to realize is that whatever we are going through, this isn't the first time in history that this shit is happening.

Someone somewhere else has gone through what you are going through.

Whether that's dealing with loss, or you are fighting addictions, or whatever your pain is. It has happened before, and someone has gotten through it.

That's one thing to keep in mind. You will get through this! You will come out the other side victorious! You will been bloodied, and bruised, and will have scars. That just lets the world know that you've been through some shit, and you made it through.

Having those scars is a way of letting people know you don't take shit. That you have been through hell and back, and you are still here. You are still standing tall!

You don't have to walk this path alone.

You have family out there that will walk with you. You have friends out there that will gladly take up your cross.

And if none of that sounds appealing. The world we live in now is littered with information, and groups that have come together as support, as advocates for a better life. To help you through the pains you are going through. Seek and find them. Do not leave any stone unturned in your pursuit to live and happier, healthier, more empowered and joy filled life.