Excuses are for the weak

Your excuses hold you back.

End of story. Case closed. NEXT!

When you make excuses you subconsciously tell yourself you can't do something. You are giving yourself permission to fall short, and not hold yourself accountable for your actions or lack of actions.

It might sound frivolous, but even little "white lies" that you tell have that same effect. When something doesn't really have much importance. You are allowing yourself an get out of jail free card when you don't keep to your word and finish when you said you would.

When you've made that promise to a friend to help them move, but then the day comes, and you just don't want to. So you make up a silly excuse why you can't.

Shit like that hurts you more than you know.

When you don't finish a school report on time. You know you're not going to die, and yet you come up with dumb excuses why you didn't get it done.

The more excuses you use the easier it will be to use them. It's a muscle that you build, and train, and can get stronger if you continue to use it.

But is this a muscle you really want to build? Is this a habit you really want to have stick in your life?

My answer is no it's not.

Not only will you not succeed in your life the way you thought you were going to, or the way that you wanted to. But now you are going to make excuses as to why you didn't make it.

Like the token high school quarterback star that missed winning state.

You'll hang onto what was or what could of been. Knowing deep down that you just didn't have the drive. You didn't have that killer instinct. You didn't have what it took to make it.

Excuses are a plague.

If you want to succeed in your life (whatever that means to you). You will need to kick the excuse habit. You will need to stop blaming others for your shortcomings. You need to stop telling small phibs or white lies or excuses that seem small at the time, and won't harm anyone.

Own your shit. If you messed up. So be it. You're human. It happens to all of us.

Own it!

Then make a precedence not to do it again in the future. If you make a promise, keep it. Otherwise don't make that promise.

If you fall short. Don't beat yourself up about it. Just do better next time. Always strive to do a little bit better everyday.

Excuses are for the weak. Don't be weak.

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