Happy Labor day

How was everyone's labor day weekend?

Mine was pretty alright.

Was able to spend time up at the lake. Even though we weren't able to go out on the boat because of the weather. It was still nice to be able to spend time together, and grow those relationships.

Also, had my cousins wedding this past weekend as well. It was a great time. I think the wedding part lasted like 7 mins. So that was a bonus. haha. But they looked great, you could tell they are in love and so happy to be able to get married especially in the midst of what is happening in the world today.

On actual labor day it was the first time in a long time that the wife and I were able to just spend time together and be together without our little bug. We were able to be lazy in bed and wake up without an agenda. We took the day. Laid on the couch, watched a romantic comedy together, ran a couple errands, and got breakfast on the go. It was a real great time and I think helped bond us more.

This past labor day weekend gave me the opportunity to slow things down and appreciate what I have. Know that I am extremely blessed to have all that I have. And just all around be grateful for my life, and the people I choose to be in it.

Too often I find myself rushing to do something, to fill my time with productivity, and getting things done. To check off boxes to make it seem like I am accomplishing a lot. But in all honesty it's when we slow things down, that's when we become more productive, and appreciative. Our work gets better, and our mood rises.

That's one thing I have been working on the past couple weeks.

To slow things down. To take the day as it comes, and be grateful for every event in it. Good or bad, it's not about judgement its about contentedness an wholeness.

Now I must preface all this with saying that I am still and will always be a huge proponent of planning out your days, and your life. If you don't have a map how will you know where you are headed, or if you are even headed in the right direction.

You need a plan. Put you must not be a slave to that plan. You need to be able to be fluid like water rushing down the river, taking shape of any and every possible opportunity that you can. To not be objective, but be subjective.

You need to be the vessel as well as what you fill it up with.

You need to be both rigid and loose.

You need to be able to attack the day with the ferocity of a ninja, but at the same time be able to appreciate it's complexities like a monk.

Enjoy your life. It's the only one you have.

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