Having a quiet confidence

Confidence is basically being able to feel completely certain about the truth of something.

Just because you have confidence does not award you the ability to be an a-hole.

True strength in life comes from reservation. It comes from being able to reserve yourself in times when others are lashing out.

Having confidence, being confident is a great thing. We should all work towards being more confident. Be more confident in who we are, in what we wear, in our abilities, our hobbies, our weirdness.

But just having confidence is not enough. If you want to have a successful life.

You can have success in your life, but that doesn't mean your life is successful.

Make sense?

Confidence minus (mental) strength equals a-hole.

Confidence plus (mental) strength equals happy and successful human.

Long story short, being a confident a-hole guarantees you two things.

  1. you'll win pretty much every conversation you'll ever have.

  2. no one is going to want to be around you. So they will work to avoid you.

The way you can continue to be confident about whatever it is you are confident about, and have a successful life.

Shut your mouth!

Plain and simple, right?

Just the way I like it.

You are wondering what's the point here. Well i'll tell you.

Confidence is created by two things.

  1. Facts

  2. Opinions

From my experience it's the people with opinions that they think are facts that are the loudest, and the rudest.

When you know your argument is factually sound. There is no need to be crazy. You know that the facts will back you up, you will have something to point to when shit hits the fan.

Go ahead and look at anyone in any argument of confrontation. The person that is "going crazy" is the one with no factual grounding to their argument. They just believe that it is true based on their beliefs, feelings, and opinions.

Why did I choose to write about this today?

Because there are waaaaaay too many people recently that are seeing ads, video clips, blogs, news articles, youtube, etc. and are taking what is being sad as the truth. So they base that as being a fact.

I am not saying that if you encounter one of these people just to keep your mouth shut. I am trying to save you from wasted time and stress.

Obviously state your case, lay out the argument, and facts. If the other person chooses to listen to them, and either change their mind about the argument or not, is not up to you.

All you can do is all you can do. Let the other people be accountable for themselves.

Have confidence. Be confident. Be silent, and smile 😁