Hope... The new killer☠

If all you are doing is hoping things will get better.

You have already lost.

You are the only one that can save you. No matter what your situation is. You have it within you. To save yourself.

I know there are moments in time. In your life where you think things are too much.

That is your test.

The world is testing you to help you realize that you are more capable than you think you are. You can handle more than you lead on.

It might seem like it's when you enlist the help of other people. Coaches, mentors, therapists, friends, family. That is when you get your breakthrough. Or that is when you start to heal.

Majority of the time it's you just getting focused on what is in front of you, and what you need to do to get beyond it. Sometimes it's that moment of clarity. Where the fog lifts. The clouds part, and you see exactly who you need to be, and what you need to do to get there.

But just sitting there hoping and wishing that someone would come and save you. That's when you reserve your spot on death row.