How can you add value to what you are currently doing?

I literally think about this every single day. Sometimes to the point where I annoy myself, and then have to change the subject. (Ya I live a luxurious life lol)

So how can you add value to what you are currently doing?


What? I like one word answers.

But seriously. If you aren't focused on what you are going after, you will miss the payoff.

The payoff being that not only will you be one step closer to reaching your full potential, and at the same time you will be bringing someone with you.

In the Sunday Startup I spoke briefly about the 7 human needs, and how that will help you to add value to your life, and the lives of those around you by helping those needs hold you accountable.

I am piggy backing that video of those 7 needs with that of focus, again because if you don't have focus you will continually lose your way. By losing your way I mean that you will be continually pulled in multiple direction. Unable to gain balance. Unable to get any traction. You will be like a vehicle stuck in the mud. You will be stepping on the gas pedal. Pushing it to the floor, but you will be going nowhere. Your wheels will be spinning, you will be thinking and feeling like you are doing a whole lot, But you won't be getting anywhere. Which will be feel discouraging, and defeating.

So what is better than trying to add value than thinking about trying to do that for others. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes, and working towards making their lives better. Being selfless, and putting others needs before your own.

But that can be hard, right? It can be hard to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Trying to figure out how to make their lives better and easier.

What is better than that then working on making your life easier, and then working on transferring that to others peoples lives. Taking someone with you while you are making yourself better and adding more value to your life..

So, again. How can you add value to what you are currently doing?


You got this!

Jonathan Scharinger