How do you want your life to progress?

Did you know that you are in full control of your life?


Do you understand what that means? You can literally create whatever kind of life you want. Whatever you can think of and dream of. You can actually do, and become.

BUT....(Here's my little asterisk) You will need to change how you think. How you act, and your work ethic.

Simple.. right?

Before we get into that. Are you really grasping the concept that you could have any life that you want. Can you imagine it? You could be a Hollywood movie star. You could be a professional athlete. You could be a Jeff Bezos or a Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. You could be one of the greatest financial minds or one of the greatest authors of our century. You could make Martha Stewart look like she cooked hot pockets. You could make the Kardashians seem like gutter trash.

Really anything you can think of you can do, you can be, you can have. There are no limits to what you can accomplish.

So let me ask you. How do you want your life to progress? or Where do you want to end up in your life?

There may be a good number of scenarios I mentioned earlier that you cannot do anymore. Based on your age, health and a couple other factors.

But keeping perspective in mind. How do you want your life to go? Because you are holding all the cards. You can make all the deals, and you can have it all.

I know. It really seems too good to be true. If it is true, then why aren't there more people taking advantage of it.

That is another simple one there. That goes back to what I mentioned before. It will take a mindset shift, it will take discipline, and it will take work ethic. A lot of all of them.

That "asterisk" is the difference maker. Many, too many people think that life should just be handed to them. That if they want it they should have it. So they don't work for anything. They become discouraged, broken down, defeated. They are the ones that say "life isn't fair", or "everyone is out to get me."

Stuff like that makes me laugh.

You know why Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a household name? Because he worked his ass off to make it so. Did you know that at one point in his life he only had $7 to his name..... That's it.

Why does everyone know who Jeff Bezos is, and how is Amazon the biggest environment in the world? Because he made it so. He worked his ass off (work ethic). He did his homework, and then he did some more.

Both those men had, and continue to have down days. They have negative days, and moments. They have times where they have lost and will lose in the future. They just don't let those little failures hold them back. They use them as a learning experience (mindset shift).

And can you remember that Amazon started out as a book store. That was it. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson played football, and rugby. He was a wrestler in the WWE. Now look at them both. I am sure almost everyone on this planet knows about both of them (discipline).

Neither one of them. Or any successful person for that matter. Started off that way. They progressed into it. They had their ups and downs. They had their good days and their bad days. But they didn't let any of that deter them from their dreams. They kept pushing. They kept moving forward. Progressing slowly somedays, and not at all other days. But either way they never stopped.

That's how they got the lives they have. That's why they are able to live like no one else. Because they did the work very few of us are willing to do.

So how you do get a life like that? How do you have the life of your dreams?

Simple. Keep progressing. Everyday. Day and night.

Jonathan Scharinger