How to chase your dreams, and keep your friends

After you watched my youtube video "Trust Your Abilities"


You would have understood that the dreams that you have were given to you, and not anyone else.

The desires you have. The dreams that you dream. The inspirations that inspire you. No one else has that quiet like you. No one in this world is on the same exact path that you are currently on.

Now there will be people who are similar. There are people out there that will have similar dreams, and similar desires. But they aren't exactly the same.

Look at the person that created sticky notes. I am sure there were other people out there that had the same "type" of idea. But either couldn't make it work, or wasn't quiet right.

However I need to come clean here. I wasn't entirely truthful with my blog title. I was kind of misleading you.

You won't be able to keep your friends. If you truly start to chase your dreams. I can almost fully guarantee that your fair-weather friends will leave you.

Now the most loyal friends may stick around. It all depends on how they feel about you progressing in your life, and not being on the same "plain" as you are anymore.

A lot of people resent others doing better than them. Especially when everyone feels comfortable in the lives they have now. So when you start to "rock the boat" as it were. That more often then not disturbs the people around you, and usually follows with them leaving and not having to deal with that discomfort.

However, with new levels comes to rewards.

When you are chasing your dreams. When you are progressing in your life and doing new and exciting things. You will be networking in the different circles that you are now gravitating towards.

Like if you started at a new gym. You will undoubtedly start talking to those others that go there. Creating relationships.

At your job. If you are working towards a promotion, and you get that promotion. You will more than likely be working around other people that you may not have worked around before. Again creating new relationships. Learning new skills.

In your personal development adventure. You will be joining more positive groups. Partake in webinars, meetings, conferences, shows, and on and on. Being in those new and different environments you will start to network and get yourself out there. Meeting new and exiting people.

Through these examples and many others in your life. You will start to see the cream rise to the top. You will start seeing certain people show themselves more, or reach out to contact you more than others. Which will start to create friendships.

Long story short. You will be making new friends. Friends that have the same and possibly new interests like you do. You will find new friends as you progress in your life that want to do the same things you do.

You may have lost your old friends when you were doing the things that you used to do. But you will find new friends. You will attract new people around you that want to see you succeed, and want to see you happy. They don't want to hold you down or hold you back, but want to see you soar with the eagles.