Keep going, don't look back

As I sit here typing out this blog. I am experiencing technical difficulties with trying to upload my Instagram live I did this past Tuesday. To be able to edit and then post for both the Drinks with Jon podcast, and my Youtube channel.

Sadly this has been going on for the past two days now. I wasn't as irritated yesterday thinking I had today to be able to get it done. Yet here we sit, and the file still is not wanting to load for various reasons.

I personally like to be ahead of schedule. So for the podcast, and Youtube channel I like to have that stuff done the day prior so that I can schedule it to post at a certain time. So what I am going through right now is really testing my patience.

But just like the title of this blog. I must "keep going, don't look back."

I am still working on uploading the content. Trying to use different ways to hopefully elicet a better results. Because you know what they say. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Next time I do a Live event I am going to have to have a secondary recording device that I can load up right away and not have any of these problems.

However, it helps me to practice what I preach. I could just sit here and brood about the fact that it is not uploading, and that I am going to miss my scheduled time. But that is just it. It is my scheduled time. It's not yours, not anyone elses. It is a standard that I am holding myself to. And unfortunately I am failing that standard. But that is fine.

See I have figured out a bug in the system (as it were). Luckily I am still small enough that it did not effect too many peoples lives. The ones that it did effect follow me and read this blog so now they know what the heck is going on, and more than likely haven't died because of it.

But the show must go on. There is no stopping the train just because one passanger didn't get on. No. I need to continue to post my blogs, to continue to follow through with my coaching. Do my research and get ready for recording the Sunday Startup, and then plan out next week as well.

I can't sit idly by just because I got a hickup in one area of my life.

You must do the same as well. Not everything will go the way that you planned it. Not everything will be perfect. You will have to solider on, and keep moving forward. Progress waits for no man, or woman.

Just because you skipped or missed a workout day, doesnt mean that the whole week is shot.

Just because you ate a piece of cake, or pizza, or a taco this week. Doesn't mean that your nutrition is garbage.

Just because you weren't able to save $100 this week for your budget and plan. Doesn't mean you have to re-evaluate your life.

You need to be able to take everything with a grain of salt, and continue forward. Learn from your mistakes and failures. Try not to repeat them the next time. And no matter what you do.

Keep moving forward!!!

Jonathan Scharinger

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