Learning something new is FREAKN hard

Especially when you don't have the time to do it either.

How do I know this?

Well I constantly try, daily, to learn something. To learn something that will expand my mind, expand my range as a person. Learn new skills and abilities. Learn patience 😉

In the most recent past when I was working on starting an apparel business. I was learning everything that went into that. Not only about starting the business and running, but I wanted to do screen printing, with water based ink. Taking that a step further, I did my own image designing, I did the layouts, I setup the screens, cleaning and prepping. I burned the images in the screens, figured out how to use water based inks, and just did the damn thing.

I came a long way from not knowing a damn thing to being able to go from thought, to final product, all by myself. It was pretty cool at the end, but during it was nerve wrecking, especially when things didn't go right and I was on a limited budget.

Currently I am learning the stock market, and oh boy is my head hurting. haha

More specifically I am learning how to sell and trade options on the stock market. If you haven't delved into this type of en-devour, let me tell you it is a lot of information. Not always exciting info either. Plus the fear of risking your hard earned money on something that some will call speculative.

Why am I covering this topic, and why the hell am I telling you about my past.

Basically to let you know that I am doing it too. But also to get your to understand that if you want to progress in your life you will need to learn to do something different.

For me, with the stock market, and trading options. I want to add another tool to my tool belt, as well as add another revenue stream to my portfolio.

To me I want to be financially free in my life. Not to be tied down to money and needing it like I need to breath. I want to be able to go about my life, and purchase what I want when I want. Or do things when I want, without having to utter the words "do I have enough money".

You might not care about that. You might care more about building a better and more rewarding relationship.

Well my friend, to do that you will need to continually evolve and learn and do things that you haven't do before, or even known about before.

Just like if you want to progress in your career. You will need to learn and do different skills and have greater responsibility to be able to move up on the corporate ladder, and occupy new positions within the company. You will never be able to do that if you keep your knowledge at the same level and never progress.

It won't be easy. But don't let that scare you. Learning new skills and upgrading yourself is the best thing you can do for your life.