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Updated: Jan 22

Below is the transcript from the "Sunday Startup" episode this week on youtube. Aired yesterday (and every sunday).

(0:00:03.280,0:00:09.120) Have you ever wondered why people kept saying life is not a sprint it's a marathon. What is up.

(0:00:09.120,0:00:15.920) I'm Jon Scharinger your resident change

operative and this is the sunday startup.

(0:00:32.960,0:00:40.800) Man back when i was in high school i loved doing sprints i was actually in the 110 and 200 meter.

(0:00:40.800,0:00:48.240) Hurdles. My senior year i was in a lot of the

relays actually hurt my foot so i wasn't able to

(0:00:48.240,0:00:53.280) Do a lot of the different sprints and hurdles and relays that were out there in the beginning of the

(0:00:53.280,0:00:59.920) Year so i was actually in the end of the year when i when i did. My senior year but i love sprints

(0:00:59.920,0:01:04.560) Just the heart pounding adventure

of it. Especially when we did the

(0:01:04.560,0:01:11.360) Relays now my senior year we did phenomenal.

We took state and my four by two hundred meter

(0:01:11.360,0:01:17.120) Relay team which i started out in took first

place, and not only did we take first place

(0:01:17.120,0:01:19.840) We broke a 13-year record. So

we're pretty proud of that,

(0:01:21.200,0:01:27.200) But sprints they're over way too quick right. You know especially for the 4x200 i only ran one leg

(0:01:27.200,0:01:32.240) Of that. wasn't running the whole sprint

myself you've got some relays out there

(0:01:32.240,0:01:37.440) That you're running 400 meters i only ran two.

You have some races you're running 400 meters,

(0:01:38.720,0:01:44.560) But then you look at a at a marathon

and that can last for miles, miles.

(0:01:45.920,0:01:50.960) That right there is the difference between people saying life is not a sprint life is a marathon.

(0:01:51.760,0:01:58.160) Because life can go on for a very long time

right. A sprint again is over way too quickly.

(0:01:59.360,0:02:07.840) Life for as much as we know isn't over

that quickly or at least we hope not.

(0:02:08.560,0:02:12.800) See Simon Sinek said it best when he

brought out his book the infinite game.

(0:02:14.000,0:02:20.960) There's finite and there's infinite finite you

can look at it as more of like a basketball game.

(0:02:20.960,0:02:25.600) All right. You know the length of the game.

You know there's going to be four quarters.

(0:02:25.600,0:02:30.240) You know how much time are going to be in each

of those quarters, and if for some reason it goes.

(0:02:30.240,0:02:35.840) Into overtime you know exactly the rules. You know exactly how long that overtime is going to take;

(0:02:36.800,0:02:40.560) Whereas, if you look at an infinite

game well there's none out there really.

(0:02:41.360,0:02:47.520) Business. Business can be looked at as an infinite game when you start your own business you have

(0:02:47.520,0:02:53.840) No idea that it's gonna fold, or you're gonna

sell it, or it could just keep going on. You

(0:02:53.840,0:02:58.640) Have no clue. You hope it goes on. You hope it

makes money. You hope you are just flourished

(0:02:58.640,0:03:04.080) With abundance with this business. But really

you have no idea what is in store for you.

(0:03:05.600,0:03:12.720) That's why people say life is not a sprint it's

a marathon. Life isn't finite it's infinite.

(0:03:14.240,0:03:20.480) Yes one day we're gonna die. You might as well

get that out of the way right now. If you have any

(0:03:20.480,0:03:26.720) Ideas of grandeur that you're gonna live forever get that out of your mind. We're all gonna die.

(0:03:26.720,0:03:32.560) It's gonna happen. Get used to it. But we don't

know when that death is going to happen. We don't

(0:03:32.560,0:03:39.360) Know when we're going to die. Hopefully it's when we're in a ripe old age. That we've lived a life

(0:03:39.360,0:03:45.840) That we want to live. Done the things that we want to do, and we have zero regrets on our deathbed

(0:03:48.080,0:03:52.480) But life is more infinite. Even though there

is an ending we don't know when the ending is.

(0:03:52.480,0:03:54.400) Just like in business we know there's going to be

(0:03:54.400,0:03:56.960) an ending at some point we just

don't know when it's going to be

(0:03:59.200,0:04:05.120) So what the hell are we going to do. If

we know that life isn't a sprint. If we

(0:04:05.120,0:04:09.760) know that it's a marathon. If we know

that it's going to last for a long time.

(0:04:10.560,0:04:17.040) What are we going to do? Well let me tell you

three little things here first off you need hard

(0:04:17.040,0:04:24.640) Work in your life. If you have any ideas of moving forward. If you have any dreams any goals of being

(0:04:24.640,0:04:31.120) better in your future. Of producing more. Of

having a happier life. You need to work hard.

(0:04:31.840,0:04:36.640) Long and short of it. It's not going to happen

just because you want it to happen. You need to

(0:04:36.640,0:04:41.840) Put your pedal to the metal. You need to put down the grindstone. You need to get in the salt mines,

(0:04:42.640,0:04:49.280) and start working. It's not just happening

one day. You can't just work hard for one day,

(0:04:49.280,0:04:54.240) and that's going to be it. No, you need to

be persistent. You need to be consistent

(0:04:54.800,0:05:00.960) every day in and out. Some days are going to be

easier than others. Some days are going to be

(0:05:00.960,0:05:05.760) a lot harder than others. They're going to be

challenging. Those are your seasons of change

(0:05:05.760,0:05:10.560) that we need to be comfortable with. You need

to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

(0:05:12.560,0:05:20.080) You need to be persistent. Day in day out

doing the mundane. That's what needs to happen.

(0:05:20.800,0:05:26.240) You can't just work hard for one day for a week

for a month maybe even a year. Maybe you have

(0:05:26.240,0:05:32.640) that type of discipline. Maybe you can do it for a full year but what about after that? What are

(0:05:32.640,0:05:39.760) you going to do then? You have to continually

work hard every day for the rest of your life.

(0:05:41.200,0:05:48.480) See life just isn't about that end goal. Life is about the journey getting to that goal, because

(0:05:48.480,0:05:52.880) once you get there and i'm sure you can understand what i'm getting with this. Once you get to that

(0:05:52.880,0:05:58.880) end goal. Once you obtain that. Whatever that

goal is. Well you're not fulfilled are you.

(0:05:59.680,0:06:06.480) There's something lacking you feel wanting. That's because it's not the goal that is the most fun.

(0:06:06.480,0:06:12.080) It's not the goal that you get your happiness, and your joy from. It's the journey in between where

(0:06:12.080,0:06:16.800) you start and where that goal ends. That's why

a lot of people when they set goals, and they're

(0:06:16.800,0:06:22.000) about to reach them. They push it on just a little bit further, and then just a little bit further.

(0:06:22.000,0:06:27.760) The closer they get to that goal they push it on just a little bit further, because they don't want

(0:06:27.760,0:06:34.080) it to end. They know that that journey is what

builds them up. The journey is what creates you.

(0:06:35.920,0:06:42.560) So you need to work hard for one. You need to be persistent for two. The third thing discipline

(0:06:45.040,0:06:49.680) It's gonna suck. You're gonna have

rainy days. It's going to storm on you.

(0:06:49.680,0:06:53.200) You're going to feel shitty. You're going

to feel sick. Hell you might even have covid

(0:06:53.200,0:06:57.360) and you're not going to want to do it.

What the hell are you going to do then?

(0:06:57.360,0:07:00.720) There's going to be other people out there

that are still building, still pushing,

(0:07:00.720,0:07:05.680) still grinding. And you're going to feel sorry

for yourself over there. No, that's not going

(0:07:05.680,0:07:11.680) to work guys. You need to be disciplined.

You need to have sound body, sound mind.

(0:07:12.480,0:07:19.600) Be persistent, and work hard day in and day out. It's not enough just to do the hard work. You need

(0:07:19.600,0:07:25.280) to put some value in it. That's why you need to

be disciplined. Yeah you can show up at work and

(0:07:26.720,0:07:30.160) collect a paycheck, but what is that really

teaching you. What is that really getting you.

(0:07:31.520,0:07:39.120) Money to spend on shit you don't really need

anyways. Whoop-de-fucking-do. Work hard.

(0:07:39.120,0:07:43.840) Be persistent. Have some fucking discipline

and don't just skirt on it at any

(0:07:46.080,0:07:47.680) heavy breeze all right.

(0:07:49.760,0:07:55.520) So that's what they talk about when people say

life is not a sprint it's a marathon. It's not

(0:07:55.520,0:08:00.560) just over and quick. You can't just get it done in a day. You can have short goals to complete for a

(0:08:00.560,0:08:05.440) longer goal. Yes, that's a whole different topic. Whole different other topic I can talk about.

(0:08:07.600,0:08:14.160) But when when you want to create something. When you want to create a better life. A happier life.

(0:08:14.160,0:08:20.832) A more joy-filled life. It's going to take some

time. You're going to need to work at it. You're

(0:08:21.680,0:08:26.080) going to need to be persistent, and do

it every day. You need to be disciplined,

(0:08:26.080,0:08:29.840) and do it the days you don't want to do it.

Not just the days you want to do it. You

(0:08:29.840,0:08:33.440) need to do it the days you don't want to do it,

because those are really the days that count.

(0:08:36.160,0:08:40.160) So guys I hope if you're trying to

build and create something for yourself

(0:08:40.160,0:08:43.680) that you are persistent. That you are

hard working. That you are disciplined,

(0:08:45.360,0:08:50.240) and then you'll follow yourself on the

journey, and you will love every second of it

(0:08:53.600,0:08:56.880) I want to thank you for checking

out this week's sunday startup.

(0:08:57.840,0:09:07.840) I'm your change operative Jon

Scharinger i'll see you next week

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