Life is only fair if you...


Life isn't fair.

Life is a series of ups and downs. Of highs and lows. Simply stated life is just events that get strung together.

"Wow Jon that sounds kind of dark. What happened to all the positivity and inspiration there bud."

Ya I know but I want you to try and keep things into perspective here.

Life is the emotions you put into it. Yes of course it's a series of events. But you give those events life. You give the people in those events life.

How many people have you met in your life? hundreds? thousands?

Now how many of them are your friends? maybe a handful, a couple, two?

Why is that? Why out of all those people that you have met in your life. Only a handful can be called "your friend."

Because you only put in the effort for those handful. You put work, you put your emotions into those handful. There was something about them that stood out. You connect in a way that the rest couldn't.

Now let's look at death and funerals.

"Damn dude getting dark again here."

I used to work at a funeral home for a couple years. Nothing fancy really. The furthest I got with the bodies was I helped move one from one table to another. That was it.

However, my first funeral that I had to work was a lot different than funerals that I have attended.

As I am setting up. The casket is in the front with the persons body inside. I go and look at it, and then begin to be confused. I was confused because I was accustomed to crying at funerals when you see a dead person. But those funerals were of people that I knew and loved. This person here I did not know, had no emotional attachment to. They mind as well of been a plank of wood as my emotions were concerned.

That moment I feel like I really understood life. Not the meaning of it or anything that deep and philosophical. But that life is mean to be lived. It is meant to be experienced.

If you go through life with no emotional attachment. You will end up living a very bored and sad life. I would venture to say that very little or no one will be at your funeral when you die.

But if you go through life fully embracing it. You will have lived a life worthy of remembering.

Living a life like that takes a toll on you though.

Like I said in the beginning. Life is a series of ups and downs, highs and lows. Now if you attach emotions onto that type of roller coaster. Well that's what you get a roller coaster of emotions, and to me that sounds way more exciting than merely zombieing through life.

Yes your heart will get broken. Yes you will have loved and lost. Yes you will feel like shit, and probably even worse than that sometimes. If that's what you are focusing on then you are forgetting all the beauty that life can and will bring to you. You will be able to experience love. You will be able to see the beauty in the little things. You will take yourself on exhilarating adventures throughout this world.

The lows in life can be pretty low. That I can vouch for. But the highs... Oh boy the highs are higher than you can even imagine. And when you experience them you will know what I mean. The highs are so amazing that there are no words to describe them, and when you get to share those highs with people you love. You get to form a bond that is unbreakable.

Is life fair? No, not by a long shot.

Is life beautiful? Absolutely. Flaws and all.