Live in the moment. NOW!

I love this photo for many reasons. But, two reasons stick out in my mind of this night.

Firstly, this wasn't our best night.

We fought, and argued. I am sure we both said things that we didn't mean, out of spite and insecurities. (I don't remember what was said, but the emotions live on)

Secondly, for one single solitary moment. We came together.

You can see the love and happiness in both of us. Even if just for a moment. Even if it was just for one dance.

In that picture, for that dance. We lived in the moment. We didn't let anything else distract us from what was really important.

And that was each of us, in that moment. Loving each other. Even if no words were said. None needed to be said.

In that moment we allowed each other to be vulnerable. To have a silent strength.

That night we had an emotional rollercoaster, for God knows why.

But we also produced this image. This moment in time. This memory that tells us that even though shit can be going wrong around us. It is you and I, and that is all that matters.

In life you need to be able to stop everything around you, and just be.

Call it being grateful. Call it feeling blessed. Call it showing appreciation and law of attraction.

Whatever you label it as. When you live in the moment you give yourself time to understand what you are doing it all for.

You are able to look at your life more holistically. Professionally, personally, emotionally, spiritually, environmentally, physically, Intellectually.

You are able to see your life and the path laid out in front of you. Then be able to ask yourself some questions.

Is this the right path for me?

What path is the right one for me?

Where do I see myself in 5, 10, 15 years?

Who do I see myself with?

What are my values?

What are my dreams?

Not that you need to have all the answers for them right away. But being able to ask those questions allows better things in your life.

I know that not everyday I will be able to take pictures like this one.

But I know that even when things aren't going the best way I want them to be. That I have already laid the foundation to be able to know what I value, what is important to me.

From there I am realign my path, and choose my destiny.