💪Lose a battle, but win the war

You're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't.

How many of us have heard that phrase throughout our lifetime.

It usually said by someone who doesn't have the answers you are looking for so they give you some filler comment like that. Much like when people say "it is what it is". Well no shit Sherlock.

Completely useless information.

At the time.

Much like people on their "fitness" journey. I put that in quotes because it's basically people wanting/trying to lose some sort of weight. So, they go to the gym for a little bit. Find out that working out is too hard, or it's to sweaty, and they don't like that. What do they do next? They start looking for that magic pill that makes them skinny again. They search everywhere to find that quick fix. They look to cut corners and sacrifice their values. Not fully understanding that, like anything in life, they have to work to get it.

Let's go back to the phrase earlier. "You're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't."

If you know the outcome of an event already. You know that no matter what you do it won't help your circumstances. Then why not do the right thing?

Why not stick to your values, your ethics, your morals, your integrity?

See people like people they can trust. Whether they feel comfortable around them or not. They at least know they can trust them to hold to their code of conduct when things go to hell.

There will be times in your life you will be going down a path that you can't get off of no matter how hard you try. You just need to hold tightly onto those handles bars and ride that roller coaster until it's over and it's time to get off.

Doesn't mean you need to enjoy it.

That roller coaster (a.k.a. Life) will take you down some dark paths that you have no control over. Other people label them as storms, or obstacles, or character builders.

No matter what you label those events. You have complete control over how you respond to them.

I've always like the phrase "don't be bitter, be better."

(I know I'm over doing the motivational one liners here)

If you know you have no control over the outcome of a situation, you can at least control how you react to it.

You have that control.

If you know you will be screwed no matter if you do your best, or if you do your worst. Then don't think about the outcome, think about your future.

How will that exact moment effect future situations? Who are you being a role model to right now that will repeat your actions? How will this make you better?

Your current reactions will dictate future happenings. This is you creating a habit. If you create a habit of running from adversity, that will be your life.

However, if you create a habit of rising to the challenge, and striving to do better when the chips are down. Yes, you might lose this battle, but you will not lose the war.