Mind vomit

This won't be your regular uplifting type of post. My mind is racing right now and it's not ok...

I can't help it right now but my mind so completely consumed with this whole pedophile thing that is trying to be brought into the front line, but is getting hushed.

I am honestly just so sick to my stomach, and freakn scared.

I think about all of those people that are talked about being implicated in this. From heads of state, to royal families, celebrities, wealthy and powerful people of this world.

I think and shout to myself that this needs to stop now. And the I think about it more and think to myself. HOW?

How do you take down all that? Like I want to take it all down right now. No waiting. No talking about it. SHUT IT DOWN NOW!

I go back and forth between utter disgust of what is happening, that its happening, and there are people in positions to stop this but yet they are doing nothing. To pure agony and sadness for all those kids that are being trafficked, and abused, and doing things that they would never agree to.

This is all just to disgusting. But right now it is a train wreck in my mind, and I cannot look away or stop.

What do we do?

How do we stop this?

How do we make these people pay?

How do we get them out of power?

How do we stop this corruption?

I literally feel like i am going to go full Punisher mode on these people. And the shitty thing about it will be. If I do, I will most likely be caught and thrown in jail by people who would be in the same boat as me, all in the name of justice.

I mean you don't see wealthy and powerful peoples kids getting trafficked. No its the poor, and minimum wage peoples kids that are being taken. Its the upper class imposing their will on the rest of us, and then having us police ourselves, and turn on ourselves.

How do we get everyone to see that. Its not me against you, its not democrat verse republican, its not black versus white, its not police verse whomever.

It is the upper class verse us. And we freakn outnumber these people. We are the ones that do the work, that protect them, that allow them to get away with this shit.

Someone help me!!!! What do we do????? I am feeling so powerless, and yet I feel like I have to do something.

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