Nothing in life is free. It all comes with a cost

If you are doing it right. Life will be work.

Don't let anyone tell you different.

There is a constant balance in life that must be obtained. If for some reason that balance becomes out of whack you will know.

You will know by a multitude of different warning signs. Body aching more than normal, relationships are strained, you are feeling more anxious or stressful, food will have lost its taste, you could be consuming more alcohol than normal, bank account is empty or dwindling. etc.

If you are present in your life, and are aware of these signs. You will have given yourself a better chance to correct this course, instead of getting further off track.

To be present you must be receptive. To your surroundings, to how you are feeling, how other people are feeling.

When you become narrow minded you will lose sight of the bigger picture.

Now being narrow minded is a great tool to concentrate on a certain task or goal. When you are working on that goal. But then you must widen your gaze. You must take a step back to make sure if you need to readjust.

This is why I started this blog by saying that "Life will be work."

You must constantly work on being present, being receptive, and aware.

Let me tell you at first it takes a lot of energy. But then you get used to it, and your body adjusts. Your body will always adjust to the demands you put on it.

If you don't do the work early on you will be required to do twice as much work later.

When your systems get so out of whack that confrontation is the only option. That is when you know you have ignored the signs for far too long, and now you HAVE to deal with it. Whereas you were first given the curtsy or minor adjustments. Now it's a full on course correction.

Do yourself a favor. Keep it simple. Be present. Do the work right away, and save yourself time and even more stress.

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