Self-esteem comes from yourself💪

What is Self-esteem?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary explains it as: a confidence and satisfaction in oneself : SELF-RESPECT

Katt Williams said it best on his standup "The Pimp Chronicles pt. 1"

"Bitches need to stop blaming all your problems on us. Stop tellin' a nigga,"You f***ed up my self-esteem". Bitch it's called SELF-ESTEEM! It's esteem of your mothaf***in' self. How am I gonna f*** up how you feel about you simple bitch?"

Katt is talking about woman in this quote, but I feel the over arching theme applies to each and everyone of us. Don't you think?

How, and more importantly. Why. Are you letting someone else change your mental state. It really is just a tactic to make them feel better about themselves. It really have nothing else to do with you other than that fact. Those people are projecting their insecurities onto you.

Yet you. Like so many of us. Take it to heart. Our emotional state takes over, and we start to over analyze the comment or the actions displayed towards us.

We let someone else setup camp in our minds. They are taking up space and paying no rent.

Why do we do this?

Deep down we want to be liked. Simple as that. Yes there are chemical reactions going off in our body, But when you push aside all the mumbo-jumbo. We really don't want people to hate us.

You might be one of those people reading this thinking " I don't give a shit about other people." or "I don't care what they think about me." or "I hate people."

That's all fine and dandy. and yes that all sounds nice on the outside, but you aren't fooling anyone.

The negative thoughts, emotions, words that are spoken to you hurt. Because you actually do care. Because our species is a pack animal.

I can't fix that. I can't magically make you not feel anything and not care. That is human nature and we are all stuck with it.

So what do you do then?

Well you learn to deal.

Since now you know that you can't get rid of this emotion or reaction. You can work on getting through it faster. So that you can get back to being the amazing person you are destined to be.

This reaction is all in your head. Really it is. You don't actually suck as a person. You aren't really a piece of shit.

Those are just words said and used to again make the other person feel better about themselves because they are having a bad day.

The way you get beyond this is through mental preparation. Through anchoring positive emotions, feelings, and attitudes onto yourself to be able to call upon whenever needed.

The cool thing about that is. You're not just limited to using these anchors for when you feel bad. You can use them for all sorts of things. To feel more positive, to have more energy, to remember things better, etc.

This is a very simple technique that will take work to be good at. Just like anything else you need to practice. In sports to be good at any sport you need to practice that sport. To get good at math you need to practice math. To be good at reading you need to read. Plain and simple.

Here what we are doing is thinking about a time (just one time) in your life that you felt the most positive about yourself. Where your self-esteem was the highest.

Do you have that scene in your mind. Now remember every little detail about it. Remember how you f