🚶‍♂️Small manageable steps

All of us. At one time. Had these huge grandiose ideas of what we wanted, and what we wanted out life to be like.

Years later we may have found out that we have sacrificed our dreams for stability. We have traded our dreams for security in the future.

Doesn't mean that our dreams are dead, or that we can't achieve them yet. So what you have grown in years. That just makes your wiser. So what you might not have the edge on the competition. You have staying power.

The only real difference between then and now is that you understand the power of small steps.

Ya we all know it's the big splashes that make the paper. It's the over the top antics that set fireworks around the world.

But all that is just like a flash in the pan. It's here and gone before you know it. No one remembers their names, what they did, or what they even stood for.

But you are different. You aren't worried about the big entrance. Because you're the one at the entrance taking the entrance fee's. You are the one that is doing the little things right, to be able to do the big things later.

See once you do the little things correctly. Once you know you can manage those small steps. The next level doesn't seem that scary anymore.

It is at that moment that you gain some extra faith in yourself. You are able to look at you, at what you have done, and what needs to be done, and it is at that moment it all makes sense. It all looks possible. You are able to see your path and start walking it.

But, before you can see it, you must be willing to walk by faith and not by sight. You must be willing to do the small things. Take the little steps towards your dreams, and towards your goals that no one else would take. And you must do them consistently well. Not just a one and done type of walk. You need to be able to walk many miles until your path opens up.

It can seem long, it can seem hard, it can even seem mundane and stupid sometimes. But a price must be paid for you to pass the toll and cross that bridge.

So it is at this moment you must ask yourself.

Can you manage the small steps?