Sometimes you just need to say screw it I'm doing this!

You can worry about what other people think all you want. But when it comes down to it. When life really matters. You just need to say "screw it I'm doing this!"

The fear that you have will paralyze you with doubt and uncertainty. That fear will play tricks with your mind. It will tell you that you are not worthy or worth it.

That fear is trying to keep you where you are in life.

But you already know that you want more. You want to progress. You want to be better, and you want to do better in life.

With that knowledge comes opposition.

There will be family. There will friends. There will even be haters that will try to derail you from what you are after. They will disguise it as being your family and wanting the best for you. Or they will pressure you into not giving up your social life, because they will miss you. Even though they will replace you the second you leave.

There just comes a point in time where you say to yourself that enough is enough. That you are doing this. With or without anyone else rooting for you.

You are going to get this done by any means necessary, and if no one wants to come along. Then so be it. There will be people waiting for me where I am going, and they will care. They will give a shit. They will be your booster.

So screw it! Go do it! NOW!

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