Stand firm at the gate, or get railroaded

Habits people.

Habits, habits, habits!!!

If you want to succeed anywhere in life. You need to create, cultivate and maintain good habits.

I put maintain in there because that is where you really make your money.

Creating a new habit, and cultivating your environment is a great way to get it started. But it's not going to matter one bit if you don't make it stick.

The common notion was that 21 days straight of something will help you to create a habit and solidify that within your life. Now it has changed to 66 days that you need to continuously work on that habit to ingrain that within your mind.

It's not just about creating that habit, you need to take care of it. You need to make sure that there is nothing out there that will corrupt that habit. You need to stay disciplined and be persistent.

Habits take a while to create, but only take seconds to destroy.

Maintaining your good habits should be of vital importance to you. Those habits are what will keep you going when everything else is crashing down around you. Those habits are what will get you up in the morning when you don't want to, and what will keep you moving when you feel exhausted.

Motivation will fade. Inspiration will fall away. But people that have battle tested habits will rise above everyone else.

Do you have good habits?

Are you battle tested?

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