🎉Start your day right, end your day better.

When we wake up in the morning. Whether we are those types of people that can rise and shine, or you are like me and you rise but don't talk to me for a couple hours 🤣.

We meet a day that is full of possibilities. Something that is brand new, and unblemished by the negativity of the past.

Yet throughout the day, we find our days are being manipulated by the actions of others.

We allow those people to affect our lives because of wanting to be socially accepted in life.

Forgetting that this is our life. This is your life.

You have complete control over what you allow into your life. You have complete control over how you react to what happens around you.

You have the ability to, if you so wanted, make this day better than when you woke up or worse.

If you think otherwise you are making yourself a victim. You are using a victim mentality saying that bad things happen to you and it's not your fault.

Whether it's your fault isn't the issue. The issue is you, and how you let something affect your negatively, instead of changing the narrative.

When you wake up you start your day with the words you use.

Words like "have to". Saying "I have to go to work," instead try saying "I get to go to work."

It's a small thing, to some it might seem insignificant. But let me tell you it makes a world of difference.

Just the way you talk, especially to yourself. Are you talking like someone that is there to make you better, lift you up, encourage you.

Or do you talk like someone that is constantly tearing you down, making things worse, making your feel inferior or unwanted or unloved.

Your day can start out great, and then go down hill in a hurry.

And it all depends on you.

How do you want your day to go?

How do you want your life to go?

Are you willing to make a change?

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