🎇Success is relative

If you only learn one thing this year. Let this be it.

Success is relative.

That means that success is and will always be different for every single person in this world on this planet.

Success is relative to you, your opinions, your values, your beliefs, your perceptions, your mindsets.

Peoples idea's of success can be lumped into different categories. Like wealth, accumulation of materials, living a happy and stress free life, not having a job, having a highly prosperous career, and the list can go on and on.

The thing is though, even you and someone else might be viewing having a lot of money as the idea of success. The value you put on that money is different.

You might think that 1 million dollars is being successful; whereas, the other person might be thinking that 1 billion dollars is being successful.

Also, you might think having the american dream is your form of being successful. You know what i'm talking about. The 2 story house with a white picket fence out front, 1.2 kids, a dog, a good career, school loans, car loans, etc.

Someone else might view that as being tide down or being unsuccessful. To those people they might view being completely free as being successful. Nothing tying them down, no responsibilities, being able to pick up and move where ever and when ever they want. total freedom.

Success depends on what you value.

Like me. I value a positive and nurturing family and home environment. To be able to provide, protect, and please my family. Everything else beyond that is a bonus.

Even though I like looking at the fancy things in life. The multi million dollar homes, the yachts, super car, and what ever other toys are out there. Those are all cool and everything but for me, at the end of the day, those things are just that. Things.

The relationships that I have positively built, and the memories I create with my loved ones. That's success to me.

Money can be made and lost and made again. All of these material possessions can be destroyed and created again.

But the one thing that you can never get back is time. Once that is gone, it's gone forever.

So I want to spend my time the best way I know how. Building memories.

I am not trying to lure you on to my side of thinking. If success for you is multi million dollar mansion, super cars, yachts, hundreds of woman, and money for days. Then do you.

I am not judging you because you place value on something I do not.

I will judge you, and even fight you if your vision of success negatively effects mine and my family. Them are fighting words right there lol.

But success is different to each and everyone of us. My vision of success is not better or worse than yours. It's just, different. that's all.

So please, please, please please. If someones vision does not coincide with yours. Don't judge them or act negatively towards them.

Just say "cool" and move on with your life. No ill will, no negativity, no judgement.