Take someone with you

No not on a date or to the grocery store.

When I talk about taking someone with you. I mean take them with you on your progression towards your potential.

Before I really get into this I want to make one thing crystal clear.


If someone doesn't show any signs of wanting to progress and become better. You want to steer clear of them. You cannot help someone when they themselves don't want to be helped.

You will know that they don't want anything to do with it because you will feel like you have to drag them along with every step. It will feel like more of a chore that something that is beneficial.

So do not waste your time with people who don't care to become better.

They could be your family, friends, coworkers. You could see so much potential in them that they don't see themselves. But until they see it. It won't matter what you do or what you say.

Just let them be. They will either come around or they won't. It's their journey not yours.

For the ones that do want to become better. Who do want to see what they are capable of. Who want to reach their full potential.

They are the ones that you can say nothing wrong to.

Why does all this matter?

The power of multiples that's why it matters.

Even if that multiple is just one.

Meaning. You bring someone with you on your progression. That person brings someone. Their person brings someone, and so on and so forth.

If you influence just one person. You could potentially be influencing 10 people, but you are only doing the work on 1 person. They are doing their work on their person, and on and on.

So if you were trying to make this world a better place by simply opening doors for people. Your efforts will be multiplied exponentially.

Do you understand how important that is.

You have the ability to influence potentially hundreds if not thousands of people. Those people may not know you personally or by name. But your efforts, and the fact that you brought one person with you on your journey. Could potentially lead to shifting the mentality of thousands of people.

To have that kind of influence on someone. Positive influence is amazing. It is life changing. Not only for you. Not only for the person you are bringing with you. Be it through coaching, or mentoring or friendship. But through your actions you could be influencing the actions of someone 3 generations from now.

Stop and think about that.

Now bring someone with you.

Jonathan Scharinger