Up the hill, f*ck the hill🗻

When I was in the Marine Corps stationed over in Okinawa, Japan. We would go out for pt every other day, if not every day.

Pt is physical training by the way.

I was never a fan of it because basically I love sleep, and they were depriving me of that lol. Plus I was and still am not a big fan of running long distances.

Anywho, we would be running 2,3,5 miles, and almost like some sort of magic we would find ourselves ending our run around the same hill. That we would constantly run up and down multiple times before we head back to finish.

For those of you who don't know much about the military in general. The unit I was with didn't just all go outside, and go to a starting line to then run a race. No we got in formation, like what you see on tv. People marching together in unison.

Except for the morning pt runs, we don't march in unison. We run in formation.

We get out there, form four columns, and file in each one of those columns until everyone in the unit is in a column. We then either face left or right (depending on which way we are running), and we step off to run our morning run.

We have someone on the outside of the formation that is sort of "in charge" of the unit while we are running. The time they are out there they sing cadence, which is a call and response type of song. They sing something, and the unit responds.

So now that I have queued that up nicely 😉

It never fails, while we are running towards the hill for our first fun up as a unit. Keep in mind that people do fall out of these runs. Meaning they can't keep up so they have to run off to the side and fall to the back of the run.

So we get up to the hill and it's like an unwritten law that we start singing.