We all die in the end

Little morbid? I hear ya.

Little depression? Yes I can see that.

Little finite? absolutely.

This should also give you freedom. Freedom to do what you like doing instead of just doing what you need to do to survive each and every day.

Too many of us get caught drudging through life because we have to. Then we look up and the next thing we know 10 years went by, and we have no clue what happened in those previous 10 years. Nor do we know or understand where our life is really headed.

Again this might sound a little morbid or creepy. But, this is how I look at life everyday. This is one of the tools I use to make decisions in my life.

Life is finite. There is a time stamped on all of us on when we are going to kick it.

The difference with life and every other finite game. Is that we know when everything else is supposed to end. We have no clue when our time is up.

That can be both nerve wrecking, and liberating.

You could die today. No one knows for sure. Or, you can live until you are 110 years old. Again, no one knows how much time you have left on this earth.

This is not permission for you to go around and do whatever you want to do with our repercussions or recourse.

You still have to live like a human. Even animals have rules that guide them.

What I am working to get across to you is that. ENJOY YOUR LIFE.

You need to figure our and understand what the balance in your life is between doing what you need to do to survive, and doing what you like doing.

I think we can all agree that we wish we were wealthy enough to do whatever we wanted to do. Whenever we wanted to do it. But, alas that is not life for all of us. You can certainly work on becoming wealthier throughout your life, and maybe you will give yourself a couple more years of fun than most.

But you will have to work for it. If that is what you truly want. If you want to be able to really enjoy your life. You need to put in work everyday to do so.

That doesn't mean you have to build a business, or a secondary, or even third stream of income. If you are happy with where you and in life. That's great. But then don't complain or compare yourself to those who have more, and do more.

If you aren't willing to put in the work, you don't deserve the rewards. That's only fair, right?

In the end we all die.

So what do you plan on doing with the time you have on this earth?

Let me tell you a little secret.... You can have it all. If you truly wanted. But again you will have to work for it.

If that sounds like too much.... Well, work. Then figure out how you can be content, happy, and filled with joy with where you are and what you have now.

There's nothing wrong with that. It's your choice. So screw everyone else that doesn't understand your choices in your life.... Because they were made for you, in your life. Not theirs.