We've been told we have a choice. Why don't we take it❓

Lets take two prominent movies out there.

Star Wars

The Matrix

Both movies have one central idea.


In the case of Star Wars. You can choose to be on the dark side, or the light side. ( I don't think they actually used or said "light side", just using for context)

The Matrix you can either take the red pill or you can take the blue pill. ( I wonder what would happen if you took both, at the same time)

There is a myriad of movies out there that have this same type of concept. You can either choose this or you can choose that. You can choose option A or you can choose option B. Either way the choice is yours to make.

Why does it feel then. That in real life we don't have an option to choose. At times we feel like there is no choice to be made. That we must take what is in front of us, or we die.

In the movies the choices are usually those grandiose events that turn the tides of the persons life. Luke is asked to join Darth Vader on the dark side. Neo is asked whether to take the red or the blue pill. Where the choices are either "waking up" and seeing real life, or staying "asleep" and meandering through life as if what you see is what you get.

Either way they were faced with a choice. That they must choose or else.

When you bring that concept into real life it doesn't make much sense does it. We don't have those big moments, or very rarely do we.

Our decisions are more daily, mundane, un-sexy.

This morning was such a choice for me.

I woke up un-motivated, lazy, lethargic. Could of had something do to with the mass amounts of pizza I ate the night before. Either way I woke up like shit. Not wanting to get out of bed, not wanting to move. I even missed my morning workout because of this feeling.

So what to do?

I could continue the day with that same mindset. With a negative, defeated, un-motivated mindset.


I could meet the day with a more positive centered mindset. One that is filled with possibilities. Now that doesn't mean that I am void of any negative thoughts, or that I am walking around with a perm-a-smile thinking ignorantly that nothing will ever go wrong.

I am just choosing to see the better in the world. In every situation. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, or worrying about the unknown, or continuing to have a bad attitude because of a couple seconds of the day.

The choice was mine, and I am here to tell you that the choice is yours. You can choose to have a shitty attitude because that is how you started the day. Or you can choose to change that attitude for something that will set you up for success and winning throughout the day.

No matter what you choose. The choice is yours. No one else's. So for what you choose you must also take the responsibility for your actions and choices, and be accountable for your actions as well.