What if you turn back?

There is so much talk about moving forward. About pushing through your obstacles. About leveling up, and becoming greater and better than you are. Which is all great stuff to talk about, and to look to do in your life. I work on this everyday. I try to figure out and find out ways that I can "level up" my life. To be able to support and be supportive to other, and at the same time be able to allow others to support me. That last one is a really hard one for me. But I am working on that.

But no one is really taking the time to discuss what happens if you turn back.

I talk a lot about the two driving forces in this world. Pain and pleasure. I know there are many other motivators and inspirators out there that do the same thing. Most notably Tony Robbins and Eric Thomas. But they still focus more on the progressing forward than the regression. Which makes sense. You're not going to sell a lot of stuff if you are constantly talking about the past haha.

But lets sit and ponder this for a minute. What would happen if you made the decision to turn back. To not continue to work towards your goals and dreams. To shut everything down, and go back to "the way it was."

First off. It will never be "the way it was.' Never ever never ever ever never!!!! It's like all these people talking these days about getting back to normal, or even the new normal. Both is just ridiculous mindsets. One of the big burning reasons why you can never go back to the way it was is because of the human brain. It is so much stronger than any super computer out there. It will remember everything, and on top of that it will catalog how you felt during and after every event.

So to say you will simply go back to the way things were is Ludacris. You can never take back how someone felt, you could never take back their memories. Unless you worked for the MIB. You can't turn back time. So now you have to deal with what the current state is. Now you have to move on from what was into what is.

Then theirs the quote that states you die twice. Once when you stop breathing, and the other time when your name is said for the last time. I would have to say that is a very true statement. I would offer one criticism to that though. Especially for those of us who have turned back. I would say that you die three times, and the first death is the hardest.

The first death is when you take the action of turning back from your dreams and goals, and stop working towards them. That first death of stopping your pursuit of being better is worse than actual death itself. Because with this death you have to live with it. For the rest of your life. Slowly killing you inside day in and day out. You can't run from it because it's you. You are the one that is making you relive this death each and every day.

Your mind makes you go through this, because it collected it. It knew at one point you want to be better. You were working your ass off to progress, and then all of a sudden you severed those ties, and turned back. You casted your net out into the universe. You can't just simply reel it in and think everything will be normal. Now your mind will riddle you with what if's, and make you contemplate what could have been. Even at the most inopportune times.

That's what happens when you turn back. You make the conscious decision to kill yourself each and every day until your actual death. You will live a life of regret. You will a life of disdain and sorrow. Sure you will have good days. You will smile, and you will be happy. But you will never again have those days where you are walking on air. Where you are untouchable. You will never know true joy, and feel completely content.

What sounds worse to you? Turning back or going forward.

Jonathan Scharinger