What's your belief system?

What is your true and false in your life?

When all else fails what do you turn to as your north star. What set of beliefs do you have that you can rest upon to help you through the tough times.

Do you at least believe in yourself?

Lets start there. Lets start with you believing in you.

Do you?

I mean really. Do you really believe in who you are? There are so many things out there in this world that are considered fake, or fabricated, or not on the "up and up." So is there anything in your life that you can count on for you to believe in?

Really sit there and think about it. Don't just pass that question on like you do most in your life. Sit there and think about it.

Can you believe in you? Can you answer that truthfully?

If you cannot fully believe in yourself (there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you fix it) then you have no belief system. You do not have your north star, you do not have that set of true and false in your life.

You will be.... Check that. You are wondering through life with no direction, and that can be considerably dangerous. It shows you that you need to get yourself a belief system.

Easy way to get a system right here and right now.

SIT BY YOURSELF and REFLECT IN SILENCE!!! Until you get that feeling. That feeling in your gut. Something that you might not be sure of. Something that you might not have felt in a long time. It might feel uneasy. You feel unsure. It's a scared type of feeling, but also something that feels powerful.

Follow it! That's where you want to go towards. That feeling is the start of the belief in yourself. It is the pure, raw, naked feeling of letting all other things go, and having faith in yourself. Having that belief in yourself. That you can do anything you set your mind to. That you can bring your dreams to life, and start to live them.

That is what we are searching for. If you feel uneasy, if you feel excitedly scared, if you feel charged, if you feel vulnerable, if you feel powerful.

That's the spot.

Jonathan Scharinger