Where does the pain come from?

Pain is one of the two universal motivators. In fact it is probably the one you know of all too well. When you are younger and your parents are trying to get you to do something, or not do something. I would suspect that they would either try to persuade you with either physical pain, or the pain of losing something you hold dear. Like video games, or hanging with your friends.

You learned that habit when you were young. So when you get older it is hard to make any type of change in your life if at first it doesn't come with some sort of agenda. Remember it's a learned habit. Something that can be turned around if that's what you want.

The pain I want us to talk about is the pain that you, for some reason, can't or don't want to get over.

It doesn't matter if the pain is self inflicted or if it's placed upon you by some outside party. The reason you cannot allow yourself to get over this pain is because you think it is too hard, or that you are not capable enough to get through it. Both of those excuses couldn't be further from the truth.

The fact that you aren't allowing yourself to get through this pain you are experiencing is because your mind won't allow you to. Yes that's right. Your mind is the one that is holding you hostage in this part of your life. So if you have experienced this pain or type of pain before. It's because your mind is keeping you here, and at the same time the universe is giving your opportunities to grow beyond what you currently are. To help you reach your potential by continuing to place these pain's in your pathway.

Before you get all bent out of shape. Your mind isn't sabotaging your life. Frankly it doesn't even know it's doing that. See your life is working it's ass off to keep you safe. It is trying all it can to keep you in the known areas of your life. Not because that's where you belong, but because your mind knows that you will not die in these areas. That's all your mind is trying to do is keep you alive. It is up to you to take it further than that.

To become more than what you currently are. You will need to grow into something more. Just like a caterpillar grows into a butterfly. Just like a seed grows into a plant, or even a tree that bears something greater than it once was. So to shall you do the same. If you let yourself.

The pain you ultimately are experiencing, and most likely are continuing to experience is because of you. You need the pain in order to grow. You need adversity in order to become greater. You know what they say. You can't make diamonds without pressure.

That's you. You are a diamond, and all you need is pressure in order to bring that out. You will never become that diamond continuing to sit in the coal mine. I.E. where your life currently is now.

To get beyond the pain you will have to do that which scares you the most. That is usually always the answer. Usually it has something to do with cutting ties with someone, something. A relationship you think you could never do without. A job that you feel is holding your life together. A hobby or past time, that without it would cripple your life, and make everything meaningless.

What you may or may not understand that. When one door closes another one appears. It doesn't just open. That's for you to do. It merely presents itself for you to walk through it, and that's exactly what you need to do. But. You can't go through that door with old luggage. You can't grow. You can't become better holding onto the old.

That is where the pain comes from. It comes from you trying to hold onto something that isn't serving you anymore. Let go of it, and embrace the new riches that you are about to receive.

Jonathan Scharinger